1. The indent on top of egg cartons are for the last egg from your old cartons.

2. Oil platforms can move with massive waves.

3. So penguins have really long necks.

4. Does your car have a gas cap holder that you’ve been neglecting all these years?

5. Tobacco flowers aren’t as ugly as I figured they’d be.

6. “I’ve just learned that the hole in the Chick-fil-A box is for your straw so your cup can become a table.”

7. Yup, these exist.

8. Locust wings are beautiful on the inside.

9. A baby platypus is called a puggle.

10. Bald Eagles can swim.

11. “I never knew Brussels sprouts were so horrifying until I saw them on the stem.”

12. “I wanted to see how much 39 g of sugar actually was (the dosage in my almost-daily Red Bull). Think it’s time to give them up.”

13. “Today I learned whales can sneeze and vomit…today was a good day.”

14. “Did you know that the broccoli we eat are really flower buds? I discovered this after growing some broccoli in my garden.”

15. This is what harvesting olives looks like.

16. “Did you know that a toaster has pull-out drawers so you can empty the crumbs from toasting food. I’ve been on this planet 26 years and only just discovered this.”

17. The Smaug gigantaeus is a South American lizard that looks just like a mini dragon.

18. “The manual release on my trunk latch depicts a person presumably trapped, escaping, and sprinting away to freedom. It also glows in the dark so folks trapped in the trunk can see it.”

19. Cows are incredibly fast.

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