19 More Real X-Men: Strange Genetics Make For Strange Physical Abnormalities –


1. Sajad Gharibi is The Iranian Hulk.

2. Jeff Dabe has forearms that are 19 inches long.

3. John Ferraro can bend metal with his head.

4. You Jianxia has 4.8 inch eyelashes.

5. Jeison Hernandez has 16 inch feet.

6. Jyoti Amge is the shortest living woman.

7. Sultan Kosen is the world’s tallest man at 8 feet tall.

8. Mehmet Ozyurek has a nose that measures 3.5 inches.

9. Maxwell Day can turn his feet backwards.

10. Lee Redmond has nails over 2 feet long.

11. Chul Soon Hwang does over 3,000 crunches daily.

12. Charlotte Guttenberg is the most tattooed woman.

13. Xie Qiuping’s hair is almost 18 feet long.

14. Craing Golias has a super wide body.

15. Svetlana Pankratova has legs over 4 feet.

16. This mysterious child from Nepal has rare cat eyes.

17. Nova Galaxia has a condition causing her to grow thick hair.

18. Wim Hof can withstand freezing temperatures naked.


19. Rodrigo Alves is a real life Ken doll.



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