This church group who chose the worst name.

This newly engaged couple and their unfortunate initials.

This guy who literally painted himself into a corner.

This grocery store employee who definitely got fired.

The sicko who unleashed this annoyance on the parents of the world.

This airport restaurant with some odd options.

This daredevil failing to steal the show.

None animated GIF

This insensitive Facebook app.

Whoever thought this was a good business name.

This statue designer.

This cop who tried to get out through the window.

This guy who didn’t look before buying.

The pharmacist who didn’t proofread.

This motorist who went with a cheap GPS.

This Olympic hopeful.

None animated GIF

These copy editors.

The designer behind this monstrosity.

The lazy person who actually paid money for this.

(I’m actually not surprised.)


19 Morons Who Really Didn’t Think Things Through

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