19 People Share Why They Broke Up With Their Fiancé Before The Wedding



Marriage is no joke, unless you’re Humperdinck from Princess Bride and you’ve managed to successfully set alight thousands of mawwiage memes.

But truly, when you really think about it (get ready to cue up your freshman philosophy student thinking voice), marriage is a wild concept. You meet and fall in love with someone, and then you’re supposed to publicly declare that you’ll love and be with them forever under legal pretenses?!

If you’ve ever been around married people (or you’re married yourself), you already know all the possible pitfalls of marriage. In the US alone, the divorce rate hovers around 50 percent, which makes sense when you consider how long FOREVER IS.

People change, they evolve and devolve, sometimes they secretly suck, or cheat on you, or show their true colors as abusive creeps. Other times, you’re just plain sick of each other and mutually agree to cut ties and move forward independently.

So, considering the huge looming pressures of marriage and the painstaking process of divorce, when engaged people break up it’s usually a bullet dodged. Still, that doesn’t make it less painful or frustrating.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the reasons they broke up with their fiances (or serious partners), and the answers included everything from simple differences to telenovela-style dramas.


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