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19 Strange Places Where Dead Bodies Have Been Found

19 Strange Places Where Dead Bodies Have Been Found

Forget about the movie Stand By Me. A dead body found in the woods pales in comparison to these stories. Finding a cadaver is one thing, but when it’s in a hotel water tank or a duffel bag, it’s another story.


Rolled Up in a Gym Mat


Kendrick Johnson’s body was found in January 2013 rolled up inside a gym mat in south Georgia’s Lowndes County High School.

In the initial death investigation, authorities said Johnson suffocated after falling into the mat while trying to retrieve a sneaker.

But the 17-year-old was found stripped of his internal organs and stuffed with newspaper, prompting his family to suspect murder. (Source | Photo)


Inside a Rooftop Hotel Water Tank

Authorities inspect a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

It’s not uncommon to find a dead body on a hotel rooftop, but not when it’s inside a water tank.

The body of Canadian tourist Elisa Lam, 21, was fished out of the bottom of a cistern on the roof of the historic Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Hotel workers found the body after several of the inn’s occupants complained of low water pressure in their rooms.

Her death was ruled an accident caused by drowning and bipolar disorder. (Source | Photo)


At Two Sewage Plants

A manhole cover, round

Parts of a woman’s body showed up at not just one, but two sewage plants, some 30 miles away from each other in Los Angeles County, prompting authorities to suspect murder.

Workers checking a plugged line at the plant in Bassett discovered the head and upper half of a woman’s body in October 2013. Two days later, a woman’s legs, foot, and pelvis were found at a similar plant in Carson.

The plants are connected by sewer lines, which is why authorities reportedly suspect that the body parts belong to the same woman.

Authorities also believe that the death is a homicide because the body would have to have gone through a sewer manhole cover to turn up in the plant.
(Source | Photo)


Frozen in an Elevator Shaft


Vacant warehouses are always spooky, but one in Detroit will go down in lore after a frozen body was discovered inside an elevator shaft.

In 2009, a reporter for The Detroit News made the gruesome discovery while following up on a tip at a former public school warehouse.

Authorities believe that the body had been there for several months, however the cause of death was unknown, as was the reason the body was in an elevator shaft.
(Source | Photo)


In a Hospital … Stairwell


Hospitals host dead bodies all the time, just not in stairwells.

But that changed at San Francisco General Hospital when the body of 57-year-old Lynne Spalding was found in the locked fourth floor stairwell.

Spalding checked into the hospital with a bladder infection in September 2013 and disappeared two days later. Her body was found about 17 days after that.

Authorities suspect that she had been dead for several days, and told the family that she was not a homicide victim.

How she ended up in the stairwell, remains unknown.
(Source | Photo)


Sitting on a Sofa for 10 Years


If there’s one thing you should never forget, it’s the dead body sitting on your couch.

Unfortunately, Bristol resident Alan Derrick forgot about the corpse on his sofa — for about ten years, until authorities discovered it, saying that it resembled a pile of dirt with bones sticking out from it.

Supposedly, Derrick let the dead man, Denis Pring, crash on his couch 10 years ago, but the man died after a hearty drinking session. Derrick was reportedly “too scared” to tell anyone about the death, so he turned his sofa over and forgot about Pring, who was homeless.

Pring’s body was discovered inside the flat in 2008, but only after Derrick, who was in his 60s, moved out.
(Source | Photo)


Inside a Padlocked Gym Bag

A red North Face bag similar to the one the body of Gareth Williams was found in

How does a spy end up dead, locked inside a gym duffel bag at the foot of his bathtub in his apartment?

Nobody knows, but that’s what happened to British spy Gareth Williams in 2010.

Authorities have pretty much deemed the death an accident, saying that there’s no evidence of foul play or another person having been there.

They’ve theorized that it may have been an escape-attempt practice gone wrong, or a sex act gone completely awry.

Either way, ending up locked inside a gym bag is creepy.

(Source | Photo)


In an Air Conditioning System


The dead body of a man who appeared to be trying to break into a North Carolina convenience store was discovered inside the building’s air conditioning system.

Insurance adjusters discovered the body in October 2013 at the Town ‘n Country store in Durham and called 911.

Authorities identified the man as 48-year-old Kenneth Avery Smith.

The remains appeared decomposed, and may have been inside the duct work for a while, considering the fact that the convenience store had been closed for months.
(Source | Photo)


Under Concrete Inside an Apartment


It’s not quite the case of a cement shoes mob hit, but this story does sound fishy.

The body of a man was discovered inside a plastic garbage bag and covered in concrete inside his New Jersey apartment.

Authorities in Jersey City found the man, identified by neighbors as 66-year-old William Marshall, after the apartment building’s superintendent noted a foul odor coming from the unit, which he had trouble entering.

Inside, they found the body with clothing on top of it, covered by hardened concrete. After chipping away, firefighters discovered the body in the bag.

Authorities deemed the death suspicious.
(Source | Photo)


Near Railroad Tracks, Captured By Google Maps


Railroad tracks are often the locations of deaths, but the crime scene isn’t often captured on Google Maps, like it was in Richmond, California.

The Internet giant apparently snapped one of its images in the American town of a police officer standing over a dead body near rail tracks. Another image shows several people at the scene, in what appears to be a death investigation.

It wasn’t immediately confirmed what happened to the body. (Source | Photo)


The spa worker who was found frozen to death in a cryotherapy tank

Spa Death Cryotherapy

A 24-year-old Las Vegas beauty salon employee, Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, was found dead inside a cryotherapy deep-freeze unit.

Ake-Salvacion sent a text message to her boyfriend saying she was staying late at work for a few minutes inside the tank in hopes of rejuvenating sore muscles in the -110-celsius temperatures. She was found dead by co-workers the following morning, October 10, 2015.

The treatment, which exposes the body to nitrogen gas at sub-zero temperatures, is said to assist in muscle regeneration and improve skin tone. But some experts have expressed doubts about its usefulness, and others have questioned its safety. Practitioners say no one should ever be in the chamber alone, as Ake-Salvacion was. The Clark County coroner’s office revealed that she died from asphyxia caused by low oxygen levels. (Source)


The woman who was found dead after having been trapped in an elevator for over a month


In the Chinese city of Xian, a woman, known only as Wu, died in an elevator located in the apartment building where she was living after being trapped inside for over a month.

Wu lived alone on the 15th floor of the building and mostly kept to herself. She was forgotten for more than a month before her body was discovered and some accounts say she had a hand pressed against the door when she was found.

Repairmen turned off power to the elevator on January 30, 2016, after it malfunctioned. They shouted to check if anyone was inside and heard no reply, but failed to follow the rules and pry open the doors to make sure. They left the elevator shut down for more than 30 days.

Reports have speculated that Wu starved to death, but fatal dehydration seems more likely. (Source 1 | Source 2)


The woman who died while working at her cubicle

BXAHA1 Cubicle Packed with Paperwork

In February 2011, the body of Rebecca Wells was found slumped over her desk and could have been there for up to 24 hours.

Wells, 51, a compliance auditor for the LA County Internal Services Department (ISD), died while working in her cubicle. She was was sitting in a line of cubicles that were unoccupied with no phones or employees nearby and was discovered by a security guard the following afternoon. She is believed to have died of natural causes. (Source)


The woman whose decomposing body was found in a tree in Australia


In January 2012, the body of a young woman was found in an oak tree in Australia.

Melissa Joy Dietzel, 22, of Redlands, California, was a U.S. tourist who was working abroad as a live-in nanny and allegedly committed suicide. Her remains were found 30 feet up by a tree surgeon in the Randwick area of Sydney after reports of a foul smell coming from its branches.

Dietzel, who was identified through missing person’s records, dental details, and her clothing, had not been living in the tree before her death, despite reports to the contrary. (Source)


The dead body that fell out of the coroner’s truck and into traffic


A body on a gurney fell out of a coroner’s van when a door malfunctioned, sending the corpse into the middle of a busy roadway in Pennsylvania in July 2014.

A photo on the Bucks County Courier Times website showed the dead body, wrapped in what appears to be a white sheet, lying in the street as cars buzzed by. The driver realized immediately that the door had opened and retrieved the deceased within minutes. (Source)


The church that had three dead bodies buried in its foundation


Three dead bodies were found buried in shallow graves in a church foundation in Enugu State, Nigeria in January 2016. The building is allegedly owned by a ritualist who presented himself as a man of God.

A worker at the site heard about the burial of the deceased inside the foundation and alerted officials before the concrete was poured. Full-scale investigations have since commenced surrounding the incident.

Resident Osita Obi took to social media to question what kind of church would use human beings as its foundation stone. He said, “Not everyone you interact with these days is a human being. Fake pastors [are] everywhere with signs and wonders. Still lots of people keep trooping in without knowing what is behind the curtain.” (Source | Photo)


The man who died in an internet cafe after a three-day gaming binge


A 32-year-old man was found dead in an Internet cafe in Taiwan after a marathon three-day gaming binge in January 2015.

The man, known only as Hsieh, entered the cafe in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second-largest city, on January 6. He was found motionless on January 8, and he was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead from cardiac failure.

Gamers around him continued playing as if nothing happened even when the police and paramedics arrived. Cold temperatures and exhaustion from the long hours spent playing games likely contributed to Hsieh’s cardiac arrest. (Source | Photo)


The woman whose corpse was found sitting in a Walmart parking lot for months


Lauren Moss was found dead in her car in a busy Walmart parking lot several months after she had gone missing.

The 22-year-old woman from Seaside, California disappeared in November 2015 after she had been released from a drug and alcohol treatment center. Walmart employees noticed her car (which had dark windows and a sun shield placed in the front window) had been parked in the same spot for several weeks and called the police. By the time they arrived, they had found Moss badly decomposed. She left a suicide note and an empty syringe next to her.

The Walmart where Moss was found has 24-hour security cameras but does not have safety personnel patrolling the parking lot. The available surveillance footage only dates back to December 2015, but officers believe Moss parked in the lot on or about the day she left rehab. (Source | Photo)


The woman whose body was found in the walls of her apartment seven years after her death


Nearly seven years after a Los Angeles area woman vanished, her body was found inside the walls of her apartment in the Harbor Hills Housing Project in Lomita, California.

Raven Joy Campbell, who was 31 at the time of her disappearance, was first reported missing in July 2009. Her body was recovered in early July 2015. Its discovery was prompted by an anonymous caller who contacted the Campbell family, saying Raven could be buried behind a wall of a closet in the complex. Law enforcement brought in cadaver dogs who located her remains inside the wall. Neighbors had also been complaining about an odd odor for years.

Ex-roommate Randolph E. Garbutt, 43, was charged with one count of murder after an autopsy had determined Campbell died of blunt force trauma to the head. He faces life in prison. (Source | Photo)

19 Strange Places Where Dead Bodies Have Been Found



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China seems an easy place to get lost in and never found.

#1 might need a re-write. Kendrick Johnson was not “found” without his organs. His body was given back to the family after an autopsy missing the organs. Saying he was found missing his organs could imply he was “found” in the gym mat missing his organs.

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