Have you ever completely SWORN you remember something a certain way only to find out that you’re wrong? Well, if other people do too, then there’s a name for that. ‘The Mandela Effect’ occurs when a large chunk of the population all remember something incorrectly. Some people chalk it up to collective bad memory, while others believe this is a sign that there are parallel universes. Either way, these are some cases of ‘WTF’ moments where a shitload of people remember things differently.

Yeah, science bitch!

A well-known line from ‘Breaking Bad’ is when Jessie says, “Yeah, science bitch!” Fans of the show remember this moment clearly and it has also become a popular meme. However, it’s never actually said.




The thinker’s way of thinking

This famous statue of a man resting his chin on his hand has sparked some serious ‘wtf’ responses from people who recall him resting his forehead on his fist. There are even a lot of written texts that remember the statue this way too.



What if I told you everything you knew was a lie?

There’s a lot of buzz around the iconic line “What if I told you everything you knew was a lie?” in ‘The Matrix’. There are also countless “What if I told you…” memes. At no point in the trilogy does Morpheus actually say that. People specifically recall hearing this line and making references to it long before the ‘false’ memes emerged.




Tony the Tiger’s nose

Despite people swearing that Tony the Tiger had a black nose at some point in time, the mascot has actually always had a blue nose.



Would you like to play a game?

Fans of the ‘Saw’ series recall Jigsaw asking “Would you like to play a game?” when he actually says, “I want to play a game.”




Alaskan Airlines

Alaska Airlines has always gone by this name. Many remember the company having the name ‘Alaskan Airlines’ at some point in time. Also, there are some older news articles that call the company ‘Alaskan’.



Brace yourselves

The ‘brace yourselves’ memes featuring Ned Stark have also been a pretty popular misquote. There’s no point in the show when Ned says this.




Sketchy Skechers

People believe the shoe brand Skechers was spelled S-K-E-T-C-H-E-R-S, but there was never a ‘T’.



Tinker Bell intro

Tinker Bell appears in a lot of intros for Disney productions. However, people distinctly remember her writing out the word ‘Disney’ and dotting the ‘i’ with her wand. This doesn’t exist.





It just feels unnatural to spell the mistake-fixing stuff ‘Wite-Out’ instead of ‘White-Out’. A lot of people remember the ‘h’ in the product name, although it was never there.




Henry VII’s turkey leg

People recall this famous portrait of Henry VII as having a turkey leg in his right hand. Some even remember seeing the painting in textbooks as a child with the turkey leg, but it actually looks like this.



Laughing Cow nose ring

The mascot for this popular cheese company has always had a bare nose. However, people remember the cow having a ring through its nose.



Traffic light order

Some people remember the order of a traffic light as green on top, then yellow, and red on the bottom. It’s actually red first, then yellow, and green on bottom.



Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do 

A famous line from Ricky on ‘I Love Lucy’ is “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.” Viewers remember the line said more than once clear as day, but it is actually never said by any characters.

The Target… Target

Some people believe the Target logo used to contain more rings when it has actually stayed the same all of this time. The logo on the left is the correct one.



Mirror, mirror on the wall

The evil queen in Disney’s ‘Snow White’ is known for saying, “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” but it turns out she actually says “Magic mirror on the wall.” People are pretty adamant about the way the line was delivered and don’t think it was just a common misquote.




Cliff’s Notes

Cliff’s Notes is a company specializing in study guides. A ton of people remember the brand as ‘Cliff Notes’ instead of ‘Cliff’s Notes’ but a look at their old books reveal that it has always been the latter.

Jiffy peanut butter

Jiffy’ peanut butter never existed. It has always been called ‘Jif’ despite people remembering the brand with a different name and even recalling ads for ‘Jiffy’ peanut butter.

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