19 Things You Should Know About Butts

19 Things You Should Know About Butts


People have been mooning each other for millennia.

Presenting your naked backside as a form of insult is believed to have originated with Romans, in the first century CE.

Source: The Richest


“Pygophilia” is the scientific name for sexual arousal caused by the buttocks.

It is derived from “pygo,” the ancient Greek word for the posterior of an animal, and “philia,” one of several ancient Greek words for love.

Source: Kinkly


To be “callipygian” is to have a well-shaped butt…

Source: Snow Brains

“He found himself distracted by his neighbor’s callipygian assets.”

Source: Wordsmith


…and being “dasypygal” is to have a hairy butt.

Source: Wordnik

“He was far too dasypygal for any of the subway passengers’ tastes.”


Your butt is the largest muscle in your entire body.

One reason for the big ol’ size of the gluteus maximus is that it does a lot of work keeping your torso erect all day long.


The butt has been a symbol of fertility and beauty throughout human history.

Evidence can be found in statues with exaggeratedly large butts created as far back as 24,000 BCE.

Source: Wikipedia


Butts are women’s preferred body part for compliments.

According to a survey from Men’s Health and Women’s Health, butts were chosen one-third of respondents’ favorite body part to be complimented on, coming in above both eyes and breasts.


Men like the curve of the butt more than its size.

Source: Twitter

According to a study from the University of Texas at Austin, men are more attracted to the spinal curvature associated with a woman’s butt than its actual size.

Source: Health


Women tend to prefer being the spankee to being the spanker.

According to stats from the British Sexual Fantasy Research Project, 13 percent of women admit to fantasizing about being spanked by a sexual partner, while only 7 percent fantasize about doing the spanking.

Source: Kinkly


It’s the other way around with men.

The same numbers show that 18 percent of men fantasize about spanking a partner, while 11 percent fantasize about getting spanked. Apparently, somewhere between 20 to 30 percent of men and women are just kind of boring.

Source: Kinkly


Normal butts expel gas between 13 and 21 times a day.

Source: Know Your Meme

Under 12 or over 22 means that you’re a freakish, disgusting monster. Or that you’re having minor digestive issues. One or the other.

Source: NIH


Big butts produce smart kids.

Source: Paper Magazine

The fat deposits in a mother’s butt, hips and thighs store the Omega 3 fatty acids that contribute to babies’ brain development.

Source: Elite Daily


About one-third of all people engage in anal sex.

Source: Nerd Base

That’s 34 percent of men and 30 percent of women, according to the National Survey of Family Growth.



Big butts also lead to longer lives.

Carrying excess weight in your butt and thighs, instead of your gut, correlates to lower chances of diabetes and heart disease.

Source: ABC News


Fruits and vegetables keep your butt happy.

Staying hydrated and keeping plenty of fiber in your diet are two of the most important parts of keeping your butt’s export business working on a regular basis.

Source: BuzzFeed


Your thong might be giving you butt acne.

Source: Flickr

If you wear a thong during workouts, then you’re not providing a buffer between your butt and the exercise pants that can give it acne, due the friction and sweat generated while exercising.

Source: Glamour


You can get your own body fat injected in your butt.

It’s called a Brazilian Butt Lift, and thousands of people have been getting the procedure in recent years.


Your butt contains what’s left of the human tail.

That would be your coccyx. It’s the remnant of a vestigial tail in humans and other apes.

Source: Coccyx

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