1. When cinemas decided this was ok.

Aussie cinemas - good value mate!

2. When this guy got pulled over.

Man arrested in Australia for driving without a steering wheel.. uses a pair of pliers

3. When this guy got a speeding ticket.

Adding insult to injury, my friend got a speeding ticket on the same day she crashed her car.

4. When the lid fell in the Milo.

Ah crap.

5. When this goon bag never made it.

Such a tragedy. Bled out right there on the pavement.

6. When Today’s caption writers went too far.

Today show in Australia supporting bacon week

7. When this guy was deadly serious.

I think this guy just won 'Australia's Biggest Wanker'

8. When the postman hid the mail.

Postman hid my package in a secret place so it wouldn't get stolen. Thanks Australia post guy.

9. When Australia gave zero fucks.

Australia don't give a fuck

10. When Coles slashed their prices.

Fractions - Coles style

11. When this shop was a little vague about its opening times.

so... umm... when do you open? [little store in australia]

12. When these guys proved that even pies are out to kill you.

Even the pie in Australia is deadly.

13. When kids were banned from buying plastic knives.

No proof no purchase

14. When someone got a little too attached to their thongs.

Meanwhile in australia...

15. When NSW Police didn’t fully think it through.

Jesus Christ NSW Police - phrasing

16. When this church marked Mental Health Week.

Scumbag local church put this up in honour of Mental Health Week.

17. The day this t-shirt was designed.

Tourist shirts from Sidney, Australia.

18. When plain packaged cigarettes proved smoking is not fun.

Plain Packaged Cigarettes in Australia making a big difference.

19. And when this advertising campaign got off the ground.

Effective advertising outside my office

Occasionally, Australia actually triumphs!

In honor of the Winter Olympics coming up, here's my favorite gold medal win



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