19 Ungodly Hilarious Signs Posted By One Comedian

This Guy Has Been Posting Hilarious Signs All Over NYC

1. If you live in New York City, you might have spotted one of these signs.

2. Comedian Jason Saenz started posting these satirical signs last fall. He’s also posted signs in DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Nashville, Chapel Hill, Myrtle Beach, and Los Angeles.

3. According to Saenz, Dan Smith was actually contacted after this sign went up. Dan Smith did not GAF.

4. Saenz uses white Heavy Matte paper because “it doesn’t give off glare and it holds up against the wind.”

5. Word’s out that there will be #saenzsigns at Bonnaroo. So keep your eyes PEELED.


19. Follow Jason Saenz on Twitter, Tumblr, andInstagram.



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