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19 Unintentionally Disturbing Moments From Kids’ Colouring Books

Stay within the lines and try not to get mentally scarred for life.

1. This happy chap.


2. This sexy horse.


Found in a coloring book called 'Farm Fashion'


3. This dinosaur with its fancy horn.


So, this was in my son's coloring book...


4. These hippos sharing an intimate moment.


Opened a coloring book where a page was ripped out


5. This thoroughly depressing and modern end to Barbie and Ken’s relationship.


Found this page in my 4 year old daughter's colouring book


6. These jolly elves getting along famously.


Found in a children's colouring book. Happy Holidays everyone!


7. This boy just casually walking round in a towel, holding a doughnut, with an erection.


Colouring books are becoming a lot more interesting these days.


8. This important biblical scene.


Found this Bit of Colouring in my Old First Holy Communion Book. Nice one, Catholicism.


9. This important satanic scene.


10. This love that dare not speak its name.

Disney's coloring book porn collectibles.

11. Ride a what?

My daughter won't be getting this coloring book

12. This disturbing chocolate-based scene.

Found this coloring book on Easter. WTF is going on here?!

13. This intensely disturbing scene.

This was the last page in my kids colouring book.

14. No one remembers this scene from the originalStar Wars films.

Found this in one of my old coloring books.

15. This snail whose bottom half totally doesn’t look like some hairy balls.

16. That time they used a picture of the genie and a camel jacked up on crystal meth on the cover of this thing.

Aladdin Coloring Book of nightmares

17. This laugh-a-minute picture.

18. This godforsaken nightmare.

This was in a kids coloring book

19. These bunnies having a special meeting…in private.



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