19 Women Gave The Best Damn Responses To Men On Tinder

1. When Caleb deserved a good, hard spam.

2. When Gary opened with the most romantic gesture.


3. When Callum got a lesson in real dirty talk.

4. When Gordon was dropped this truth-bomb.

5. When Chair > Michael.

6. When AJ got the boot instead of the booty.

7. When Andrew fucked with the wrong president.

8. When Collin was given more than just a reality check.

9. When the alphabet and the woman, won.

10. When Maddy spoke for us all.

11. When Cameron couldn’t quite deliver the goods.

12. When Kurt’s role play got a dose of reality.

When Kurt's role play got a dose of reality.

13. When Sergio got beaten at his own game.

FFS Sergio at least make it rhyme.

14. When Zach got Finnished off.

15. And then when Mack got buried.

16. When Maxamus’ timing was all wrong.

17. When this woman ruined this guy’s opening liner. And then ruined some it more. And some more.

18. When Greg was just SHUT. DOWN.

19. And when the emoji just said it all.




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