“20 Absolutely BRILLIANT Ways to Subtly Mess With People”

We all have those times when we notice something is just a little bit off. It’s not a glaring mistake or action, but it’s just enough to kind of drive you crazy.

When that happens, you can’t help but wonder if a) you’re going nuts or b) if someone is subtly messing with you.

If it’s the latter, it might be one of the twisted minds on Reddit who answered the simple question, “How do you subtly mess with people?”

And if you’ve recently been annoyed by someone or looking to get into their heads, feel free to use these as suggestions.

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One reply on ““20 Absolutely BRILLIANT Ways to Subtly Mess With People””

I have one that I do at work. When ever it’s someone’s birthday the office secretary usually buys a birthday card and passes it around for everyone to sign. Since I couldn’t think of anything to write and didn’t want to be like all the others I started writing stuff that was completely wrong for the card. I would write stuff like:
“Hope you feel better soon!”
“Good luck at your new job. It’s been cool working with you.”
“Thanks for always being there for me. Happy Mother’s Day!”

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