20 Amazing Stories And Fascinating Photos Collected From History

20 Amazing Stories And Fascinating Photos Collected From History –

408. One of the 20,000 faces of S21. Tagged, photographed and documented at the prison they were never seen again, likely tortured, forced to sign false confessions and then executed by the Khmer Rouge for the crime of “being educated” Cambodia, 1976-1979

Behind the walls of S-21

Members of the Blackfoot Tribe in Glacier National Park, 1913.

Hitler reacts to a kiss from an excited American women at the 1936 Olympic Games

Here’s the video:

Opium den, Shanghai 1936

Photo of members of a secret society at the University of Illinois.

Geronimo and his warriors. Only known photo of Indian combatants still in the fields who had not yet surrendered to the US 1886

Lakota encampment, White Clay Creek, 1891

A bystander attempts to catch a cup of moonshine being poured out of a window by a federal agent during the American Prohibition era – 1925

Sherman overlooking Atlanta, Autumn 1864

The Seacoast Mortar called “The Dictator” at the Siege of Petersburg 1864

A Chinese lady whose feet were bound from childhood. Late 1800s

Foot-binding was a practice first carried out on young girls in Tang Dynasty China to restrict their normal growth and make their feet as small as possible. Considered an attractive quality, the effects of the process were painful and permanent. Widely used as a method to distinguish girls of the upper class from everyone else, and later as a way for the lower classes to improve their social prospects, the practice of foot-binding would continue right up to the early 20th century CE.

 A man wears a wooden ‘cangue’ around his neck as he is being punished by starvation for a crime in Shanghai, China, 1874.

Dazed survivors huddle together in the street ten minutes after the atomic bomb was dropped on their city, Hiroshima. August 6, 1945.

Germans in Warsaw ghetto 1943

Beauty pageant winners in 1922

Barber Shop in Clanton, Alabama, 1920s

Family in Pursuit of Land’ in 1886

The ‘Homestead Act’ Allowed Citizens to Claim 160 Acres Out Of Over 100 Million Acres of Land For Settlers Willing to Settle on Farm Land. Almost All of Nebraska Was Settled This Way.

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Opium den, Shanghai 1936: Those Zitan wood chairs probably are worth about $3,500 and up.

BTW, on the topic of opium, I think it’s a bit rich how Trump complains the Chinese are supplying opiates in America and Taxing Chinese imports when the west did the same in China and after the Americans overreacted to British tea tariffs. As for Fentanyl coming from China, it’s not prevalent here. There’s no opioid epidemic. I am sure it can be done, but wouldn’t know how to get Fentanyl here. I haven’t heard of it being a problem in Macau or Taiwan and I would challenge you to find it in China. You’d probably get arrested just for asking.

I believe it’s an American problem caused by poor American healthcare affordability that drives people to manage pain instead of fixing the underlying problem, fueled by ads and lobbists and bad doctors. There has always been a lot of addiction in the US because your poor (i.e. mostly everyone) have few life prospects. The Fentanyl only comes into the picture because people’s greed for drugs outstrips what the medical industry can supply.

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