20 Annoying Clichés That Are Trademarks Of Popular Hollywood Movies

Enemies are lining up to attack the main character in a horror movie, and the characters decide that the best thing to do is…split up. We believe that if you gathered all the movie clichés together you’d get a great film that would be a box office hit.


1. You are not a good cop if you’ve never been taken off a case. Or if the boss has never given you 48 hours — and not a minute more — to solve the most complicated crime.

2. All the psychological tests you have to pass before becoming a policeman are really necessary…to give you the most unsuitable partner.

3. In Hollywood, for a job as a special agent, PhD, forensic expert, or skilled martial artist, the usual applicants are gorgeous sexy women aged 20-35.

4. A villain can trick anyone but a dog. Dogs always know who they should bark at.

5. Clumsy, shy, awkward, sociopathic girls attract handsome men the most.

6. A detective movie is the worst genre if you need to use the bathroom. Anyone who goes in there is likely to die in a couple of minutes.

7. If your car won’t start, there’s probably a maniac somewhere nearby.

8. Things that can be used to open any lock: a gun, a paper clip, a hairpin, a credit card. Anything but a key.

9. If an IT guy can’t hack into any computer within 5 minutes, he’s a bad IT specialist.

10. Saving the whole world rests on the shoulders of the Americans. Historically, they proved to be the best at it.

11. All security cameras film in Super HD video resolution so that you can zoom in on an image and clearly see every detail.

12. Anyone can land an airplane if they just follow the instructions from a specialist over the radio. It’s a nerve-racking but possible task.

13. If a character goes grocery shopping and comes back without a paper bag with a baguette in it, it’s not clear why they went in the first place.

14. It’s a very, very bad sign if you look at your lover’s photograph before a fight.

15. Chekhov thought that if there’s a rifle on the wall, it absolutely must go off later. Hollywood thinks that if there’s a huge glass wall, it must be shattered later.

16. An outsider can win any sports competition a second before it ends.

17. Travelers don’t bother with problems regarding the issuance of visas, prohibited entry into a country, or turmoil in customs.

18. Danger: mirrors are bad for your mental state because they reflect the most unexpected things. This rule may only apply to horror movie mirrors.

19. A female villain can be recognized quite easily: she is the most seductive and captivating lady in a room.

20. If the main character isn’t very bright, it means that he’ll never run out of luck.


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