20 Bad Habits That Drive People Crazy

1. “My girlfriend uses bendy straws this way.”


2. “The way my boyfriend wears socks around the house”



3. “When my husband goes out in public like this:”



4. “Instead of playing music through the HomePod, my wife uses it as a phone stand while playing music from her phone.”


5. “The cord for my wife’s vacuum…”


6. “My boyfriend’s job title is actually ’solutions engineer.’ This was his solution.”



7. “My wife’s earbuds do not match and she does not care.”


8. “The way my husband overlaps his monitors…”


9. “The way my boyfriend sliced this avocado…”



10. “How my wife throws away boxes”

11. “How my wife watches videos on her phone”


12. “This clock in my boyfriend’s parents’ kitchen”



13. “My boyfriend swaps the lids on the salt and pepper on purpose.”


14. “I recently got my girlfriend a lamp with a built-in wireless charger. Soon after, she got a pop socket.”


15. “I bought my wife a card organizer wallet. She says she’s very happy with it.”



16. “How my girlfriend adjusts the headphones”


17. “How my husband stacks plates and platters”



18. “My girlfriend doesn’t close the cabinets all the way. This is a daily recurring thing.”



19. “My wife keeps using my iPad as her coaster.”


20. “My girlfriend’s headphones”


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