20 Celebrities Who Are Already Having A Rough Year In 2018

20 Celebrities Who Are Already Having A Rough Year In 2018

We might only be two months into 2018, but there has already been a ton of celebrity fails. It will definitely be hard to top 2017 in terms of crazy, but if the first couple of months of this year are any indication, it could definitely give 2017 a run for its money. It’s nice to know that celebrities mess things up sometimes, just like normal people. But their mistakes are always more attention-getting and confusing because they live such high-profile lives. But sometimes, people miscalculate what will be awesome and what will be terrible, and of course, when it comes to performing, an accident can always happen.

So even when the world seems to be going mad, at least we can rely on famous people to continually make ridiculous, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes baffling blunders for the rest of us to gawk at. Despite the fact that we’re not even done with month two of 2018, what are the weirdest, funniest, grossest, and scariest things that famous people have said or done this year? Read on to find out!

20 U2’s Grammy Double Feature


This year’s roster of performances at the Grammy Awards caught quite a bit of heat before the show because Lorde, the only female artist nominated for album of the year, was also the only artist in that category who was not offered a solo performance at the show. But what took that whole mess to a different level of weird was the fact that U2 performed twice during the same awards show. They appeared in the opening performance alongside Kendrick Lamar and then did a performance of their own later in the show. Oh, and they also presented the album of the year award. It’s not that there’s anything particularly wrong with U2, but it’s also not as if U2 had such an epic year that it would explain why they were everywhere at the Grammys. It’s even more ludicrous that they would give one band two performance slots instead of offer one to an album of the year nominee.

19 Justin Timberlake’s Flop At The Super Bowl


Justin Timberlake was a part of one of the most shocking and memorable Super Bowl halftime shows in football history when he inappropriately caused a wardrobe issue for Janet Jackson. We don’t think anyone expected him to top that level of crazy during his halftime performance this year, but honestly, Timberlake’s 2018 performance was one of the most forgettable halftime performances ever. Justin performed a medley of some of his biggest hits and went through his typical dance moves, but that was really it. It was a typical Justin Timberlake performance, it may have even been a slightly toned-down performance, which is a really odd fit for a Super Bowl halftime show. He didn’t seem that into it, some people even asked if there were sound problems because it seemed so sedated. His outfit was also completely off. Why anyone would ever make a camo print suit is beyond comprehension, and like dude, we get it, Man of the Woods is your new album but you don’t have to be so literal.

18 Tom Brady At The Super Bowl


In a fairly stunning upset this Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, winning their first Super Bowl ever and taking down what is widely considered to be the best football team in the league. In an even bigger shocker, the Eagles quarterback for the game, Nick Foles, was actually the backup QB for the team, which made the Eagles the first team to win with their second string QB since the Patriots in 2001, which of course, was when Tom Brady was still their backup quarterback. And this isn’t to drag the Pats for not winning the game. They’ve been winning or going to Super Bowls for the past 20 years it seems like, so it’s nice to see another team revel in the glory for a bit. But what was very off-putting was Tom Brady’s attitude, because after the Patriots lost, Brady immediately left the field without congratulating Foles, which is traditionally supposed to be done as a sign of good sportsmanship.

17 Fergie’s National Anthem Fail

via: Today Show

If someone was looking to top the mediocrity of Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance in record time, then Fergie managed to do just that with her performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game. She’s certainly not the first to mess up the Star Spangled Banner. However, her “artistic” choices were questionable at best, and the changes she made weren’t some kind of mistake, they were completely intentional. Fergie decided to go with some kind of jazz reinterpretation of the song and sang in a way that only seems comparable to Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President.” On the one hand, it’s nice that she’s the first person to try to make the national anthem “attractive,” but also, it’s the National Anthem. It was an awkward moment for everyone, especially those attending the game, and just goes to show why you don’t mess with a classic.

16 Dane Cook’s Attempts To Not Look Creepy With His Teen Girlfriend


It seems like after his initial burst of superstardom in the early aughts, the comedian, Dane Cook, experienced quite a bit of negative backlash over his success and kind of dropped off of the entertainment tabloid radar. But he recently started making news again and not for his comedy performances, but for his relationship with a 19-year-old singer named Kelsi Taylor. That’s right, the 45-year-old is dating a teenager, who is less than half his age. The couple isn’t shy about their romance, posting tons of PDA selfies on their social media and never shying away from the paparazzi, but dude, yikes. I know May-December romances are somewhat normal in Hollywood, and she’s the age of consent so that’s fine, but at some point, does it not feel weird or wrong? Maybe their love is the real deal, but we don’t know many teenage girls who want to spend their young years with a middle-aged guy.

15 Markus Schairer’s Risky Olympic Performance


In a much scarier incident at this year’s Olympics, Austrian snowboarding competitor, Markus Schairer, took a hard fall off of a jump and landed on his back. He managed to get back up and finish the race on his own, but after the race was over and he had sought medical assistance for the accident, he discovered that he had actually broken his neck in the fall. His doctors have said that after his recovery, there should be no long-term serious damage to him, despite the fact that he broke his fifth cervical vertebra. The snowboarder has suffered from bone breaks and injuries at other snowboarding competitions, but obviously, there is nothing this serious in his past medical history. And while the break might not be a life changing injury, it still puts Schairer out of Olympic competition (and he was currently ranked 4th in the quarterfinals, so winning a medal was a real possibility).

14 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux’s Marriage

via: HelloGiggles

You can never assume that any married couple is going to stay together forever, even though that’s kind of the whole point of it, but we definitely never thought that the marriage between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux would end so quickly. Rumor has it that they just grew apart and were living separate lives across the country (Aniston lives in LA while Theroux lives in NYC). They have clearly been trying to make their divorce has private as possible. Sources say that while they enjoyed each other, they just realized that they weren’t the right match, and in their public statement, they said that they hoped to remain friends. Although, doesn’t every celeb divorce announcement say that? What’s even stranger is that TMZ reported that they never filed for a marriage license in California even though they were married in Bel Air, and neither has hired a divorce lawyer, so they may have never been legally married in the first place.

13 Sportscenter Asking Jamie Foxx About Katie Holmes

via: RadarOnline

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are probably one of the strangest Hollywood couples in history because there were rumors that they have actually been together for years now, but no one would confirm or deny anything. It seemed like for so long, no one could actually snap a picture of the two together. Just recently, the pair finally started being slightly more open about their relationship and there has been photographic confirmation, but Foxx made it abundantly clear that Katie not going to be a topic of discussion when he was being interviewed on ESPN’s Sportscenter. One of the hosts of the show asked Jamie if he ever plays basketball with his girlfriend, Katie, and Foxx immediately ditched the interview without a word of explanation. It might be a totally reasonable reaction because rumor has it that when Katie divorced Tom Cruise, he put a clause in their agreement that she couldn’t date anyone publicly for a specific amount of time, so the fact that they won’t demonstrate their relationship in any way publicly seems to back that up.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker Pretending Not To Be A Total Mean Girl

via: Sex In The City

There have been rumors about Sex and the City stars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker not getting along for years, but Cattrall recently decided to confirm those rumors by first saying that she and Sarah were just coworkers, and then by giving a pretty brutal public rebuff to Sarah’s social media condolences for her brother’s recent passing, Chris Cattrall. Interestingly, Kim claimed that Sarah was only condoling her brother publicly to fit with her nice girl image and that the real SJP is nothing like that. Sarah hasn’t publicly responded to the accusations herself. However, a lot of people who know Sarah or who also worked on Sex and the City have come out of the woodwork to say what a decent person she is. It’s a move that screams PR damage control, and it kind of makes it look like Kim wasn’t too far off base in what she said.

11 Jamie Dornan Forgetting That He Was Once A Male Model


In a recent interview with Elle magazine, 50 Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan, offered up his opinions on a few different subjects, but his most intriguing point of view was on male models. The actor said, “If I meet a male model now, I presume he’s stupid. A lot of them are.” While that’s a pretty weird assumption on its own since there is no correlation between beauty and stupidity. What makes this particular quip even more confusing is that Dornan initially rose to prominence in the entertainment industry because he was a male model. In fact, he was so successful as a male model that some referred to him as the male Kate Moss. So, on the one hand, we guess that does mean he’s qualified to estimate the intelligence of his former work arena, but it’s also weird to point out that a group you were a part of are morons.

10 Meghan Markle’s Thirsty Family

via: Brides

A biracial American actress getting engaged to an English prince is definitely a newsworthy event, but a few of Meghan Markle’s (mostly estranged) family members are desperately trying to capitalize on Meghan’s new super high profile. According to Markle’s incredibly thirsty half-sister Samantha, the Markle clan is pretty divided in general, and the second marriage between Meghan’s father and his second wife was a particular sticking point for the Markle family because it was an interracial relationship. Her sister Samantha, who hasn’t seen Meghan since 2008, seems to vacillate between painting her relationship with Meghan as a close sister bond with Samantha taking a bit of a motherly role in Meghan’s life, but has also publicly stated that she thinks Meghan is a social climber and that her public image is fake. But either way, the fact that Markle’s family members waited about four days after the engagement announcement to start cashing in on their shared DNA with her isn’t a sign of a happy, healthy family.

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Secret

via: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie’s pregnancy is also known as one of the worst-kept secrets in celebrity history. Kylie Jenner was actually pretty masterful about avoiding being photographed looking pregnant, and it says a lot about the people around her that none of them spilled the beans over that nine months. But even with all of that super sleuth behavior, the news of Kylie’s pregnancy with Travis Scott became public knowledge pretty much as soon as it happened. Maybe it’s just because the Kardashian brand is based around creating gossip and drama in the media, but if Kylie could avoid anyone actually seeing her pregnant then it’s weird that she couldn’t avoid the pregnancy news breaking so soon. Maybe this is too cynical, but it seems like a pretty savvy media move to create months and months of anticipation without a payoff. She finally made the big reveal on Super Bowl Sunday with a video, updating her fans about what had been going on with her the past nine months.

Kevin Hart’s Out Of Control Super Bowl Shenanigans

via: HOT 97.1 SVG

This year’s Super Bowl has been exciting for a few reasons. The entire city of Philadelphia basically exploded with excitement over the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win. That included the extra-inebriated Philadelphia native, Kevin Hart. When the Eagles were first declared the victors, Hart made an attempt to get on stage with them to accept the trophy but was blocked by the security guards. That didn’t stop his celebrating though. He crashed an NFL interview with one of the Eagles players to express how hyped he was on their win, but he was later removed from the interview after he accidentally used a curse word. It was a bit of an embarrassing moment, but Hart definitely took it in stride. He later got on his social media and said that what he had done was very stupid, he only did it because he had been drinking, but in the end who cares, because an Eagles win is worth celebrating.

Quincy Jones’ Drag Of Half The People In The Music Industry


Quincy Jones is an absolute music industry legend. The 84-year-old producer recently gave a shocking interview to Vulture and spilled a lot of secrets, even putting a few super famous celebrities on blast. In some dubious claims about himself, Jones said that he once dated Ivanka Trump about ten years ago, and also claimed to know who shot John F. Kennedy. When it comes to the music industry, Jones said that Michael Jackson stole music from other artists and was as greedy as they come. He also said that The Beatles were the worst musicians in the world. In his most shocking revelation, he said that the actor Marlon Brando and the comedian Richard Pryor had an illicit relationship, which Pryor’s widow actually confirmed after the news broke out. While that’s certainly enough gossip to keep people talking for quite a while, it’s kind of hard to believe that everything he said is true.

Omarosa’s Move From The White House To The Big Brother House


The current administration obviously is under a lot of scrutiny. Taking that into account, it’s a bit embarrassing to go from a high-powered government position (that she was probably unqualified for) to appearing on a reality show for D-list celebrities in a matter of months. Omarosa Manigault has been quick to share vague information about what an even bigger mess the presidential administration is behind the scenes but has offered almost no specifics. She has tried to paint herself as someone who took the job in the hopes of serving the country, instead of just being a part of the president’s regular circle. It’s no surprise that Omarosa would just pick whichever side worked for her or made her look the best at the time, but a stint on a CBS reality show is not enough to clean off the stain of her White House experience.

Casey Affleck Ditching The Oscars

via: SheKnows

It was probably for the best that Casey Affleck skipped this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, even though the best actor winner of the previous year traditionally presents the best actress award in the following year. Although, his actual excuse for avoiding the awards is ridiculous. Affleck has been accused of harassment by multiple former co-workers over the last year, and with the #metoo movement taking over the media, these accusations became a news story again. Affleck had enough sense to understand that attending and presenting at the Oscars as if nothing has happened would look terrible, but his public explanation for skipping the ceremony was that he didn’t want to be a distraction for the awards. So Casey ditching the awards has a net positive effect, but his explanation did nothing to acknowledge his poor behavior or demonstrate respect for the women in the industry who might feel uncomfortable about his presence at the awards.

Woody Allen’s Sudden Move To The Blacklist


It is certainly a long overdue move for the entire entertainment industry, but it seems like the professional creeper, Woody Allen, might finally be getting the boot from Hollywood. The revelation of incalculable abuses that have occurred behind the scenes in the entertainment industry has pretty much rocked the entire world, and since the reporter and Woody Allen’s own son, Ronan Farrow, was one of the major players in exposing the scandal in the first place, it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before Allen’s past behaviors would become a topic of discussion. However, the tone of the discussion appears to have completely changed. While celebrities used to excuse their work with him by saying that they were separating the art from the artist or not taking accusations as fact, a considerable number of high profile actors and actresses have publicly declared that they will not work with him again. Some have even gone as far as donating their salaries from his films to charity.

Everything Megyn Kelly Has Done This Year

via: Mashable

The conservative talk show host, Megyn Kelly, tried to branch from her normal right-wing Fox News audience when she signed a $23 million dollar contract with the more centrist and higher-profile, NBC, but her transition from conservative to mainstream has been pretty rocky so far. Kelly’s audience didn’t seem to follow her in the transition, and her aggressive interviewing style was a bad match for a fluffy morning talk show, so the ratings for Megyn Kelly Today were considerably lower than expected. Then Megyn had a bizarre incident where she asked Jane Fonda about her cosmetic enhancements during an interview, and when Fonda expressed dismay and confusion at her behavior she doubled down on her mistake and went in on Fonda in a fairly nonsensical televised rant. With the Olympics in full swing and being covered on NBC nearly 24 hours a day, the fact that Kelly is not covering or attending the event when almost all of NBC’s major players are sticks out like a sore thumb.

Michelle Williams Being Paid 1% Of What Mark Wahlberg Was Paid

via: Vox

It’s no secret that there is a pretty substantial paycheck gap between men and women working in the entertainment industry, but Mark Wahlberg’s $1.5 million dollar bonus for participating in reshoots for his film, All The Money In The World, was an extraordinarily shocking contrast to Michelle Williams’ minimum wage payments, which amounted to about $80 dollars a day. Once the news became public that Wahlberg had literally made more than a thousand times what Williams did, it was quite the scandal. Considering the strong wave of girl power rolling across Hollywood, the revelation could not have come at a worse time. To save face, Wahlberg decided to donate the entire paycheck to the #metoo legal fund in Williams’ name, but the real shocker was that Wahlberg and Williams are represented by the same agency, so the fact that they went so hard for Mark without even considering Michelle’s value is especially embarrassing.

Olympic Skier Hitting Photographers


Obviously, when you’re competing in sports at the level of Olympians, one little mistake can have a huge impact on the event, and that is exactly what happened when slalom skier, Lara Gut, lost control and slammed straight into a group of sports photographers on the sidelines. The aftermath of the crash looked explosive, and while the parties involved in the accident probably didn’t enjoy it, luckily, no one was seriously injured. In fact, some of the photographers who were hit immediately got back up to start taking pictures of the scene. It might not be the most memorable incident in the 2018 Olympics, but that cluster of photographers certainly got some of the most interesting camera shots in Olympics history. And jeez, if they had the instincts to immediately jump back up and take pictures of the craziness, then they certainly picked the right job.



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