20 Colorized Historical Photos From The Past –

Photography is by far the best way for us to get to know our ancestors and their way of life. But, because the oldest photos are in black and white, some interesting details get lost. That’s where the colorization comes in. By adding color to unique monochromatic photos, we are more easily transported to a different time period.

1. Florence Welch may have gone back in time to 1913 and modeled for this photo.

UNSPECIFIED – SEPTEMBER 07: Autochrome by Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn O’Gorman. (Photo by The Royal Photographic Society Collection/Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Getty Images)


2. Washington, DC in 1935 might have looked very different, but I bet being stuck in traffic felt the same.

3. Here we are in 2019 taking a peek at this family’s Christmas of 1909 in full color. Isn’t it fascinating?

4. A traffic stop in Washington, DC in 1920

5. The swimsuit police, checking the length of a suit in 1922

6. In case you’ve ever wondered about the inside of a pub in London in 1899, here’s your answer:

7. “An everyday sight in 1936: a man posing with his car and the ’City of San Francisco’ streamliner train”

8. If they were on a date, we hope it went well! Coney Island, NYC, in 1903.

9. A glimpse into day-to-day life in Chicago, 1907

10. The Jersey Shore circa 1905, when sun umbrellas were just regular umbrellas and men went to the beach in full suits.

11. Apparently jogging hadn’t been invented yet in 1905.

12. A steam train announcing its arrival with a characteristic cloud of smoke in Salem, Massachusetts,1910

13. “Say cheese!” at the beach in Atlantic City, 1905

14. Perhaps this is what Camp Rock would have looked like in 1915.

15. A clam seller on Mulberry Bend (Little Italy), New York, 1900.

16. Children licking blocks of ice during a heat wave in 1912, New York City

17. “3 friends take a joyride in their ’new’ vehicle, Ohio, circa 1924”

18. Back then they had the gift of making every activity look classy because of their outfits. New York, circa 1904

19. “Italian immigrants arrive at Ellis Island in 1905. Lost baggage is the cause of their worried expressions.”

20. The Old Slip piers in New York were known as the “Banana Docks” for obvious reasons. (1890-1910)

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