20 Of The Creepiest Things Caught On CCTV

A wealth of videos makes it abundantly clear that myths, magic, and mysteries often supersede our rational and sensible sides. In light of this, just Google “unexplained,” or better yet, run it through a YouTube search, and you’ll find countless clips of creepy subhuman weirdness. Basically, we love to know about things that don’t fit with “normal” because as concepts, ordinary and mundane have been our biggest bugbears ever since we started using our noodles 200 millennia ago.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or how sensible they behave; be they a doctor, pilot, a politician, or a soldier — everyone has a fear. And generally speaking, it’s of the unknown. Think about it, all of those professions require knowledge, training, preparation, and guts to combat something human. But if what comes along doesn’t fit with the “human” aspect or behaves contrary to known physics, even the professionals are going to feel uncomfortable.

The next few screenshots from videos are going to shock, scare, and freak out a lot of you. And our creepy moments don’t just center on paranormal activity. We’ve scoured the web for examples of weird humans, too — you know — the ones whose actions scare you because they tap into your primal fear.

You decide whether these 20 captures are real or not; we think they are. After all, while CCTV footage can be and does get tampered with, it’s harder than some video streams to be edited by a digital whizz. It’s worth mentioning, though, that one of the most believable videos in recent years called ‘Manchester Poltergeist Caught on CCTV’ still turned out to be a hoax.

20. Woman Attacked

An unknown hotel dining area was the scene of a frightening series of events, at least for one unsuspecting woman. There’s no date or time stamp for this video, but it hit the internet hard, probably because of its apparent authenticity.

A lone woman sits on the edge of a plastic chair as if waiting for someone. She already seems nervous. Perhaps, in her mind, she knows something is about to happen. Suddenly, a chair in front of her is shoved by unseen hands, forcing her out of her seat and onto the floor. Now terrified, the woman backs into the corner of the room like a trapped animal. It doesn’t save her. Whatever moved the chair now blocks the entrance with a whole pile of furniture. In an attempt to run to the door, the woman hits her face against one of the tables and falls unconscious.

19. Elevator Presence

Japan, 2008. Working late into the evening, two workers catch an elevator to their office. In the bottom-right quadrant, while they wait in the corridor, a small glimmer of light materializes in the lift and vanishes. The doors open, and the co-workers get in. Oblivious, the man on the left turns around and rests his hands on a bar running along each side. The atmosphere is calm. It’s late; the frenzy of the day has long since subsided.

After around half a minute, the arrival of the elevator at their floor draws the men’s attention away from the conversation and up to the digit readout above the door. They get out coolly, and as the last man moves out of frame, we’re left looking at the image of what seems to be an old man or woman, hunched and bald. The video looks authentic, but if it’s digitized, it’s an example of excellent fakery.

18. Tiger Attack

A young Chinese woman gets out of her car to take the wheel from her husband while the vehicle is stationary in a Siberian lion enclosure. The exact reason is still unclear, but the outcome is all too obvious. The young woman is dragged away from the car by one of the big cats and seriously mauled. Amazingly, she survives, but her mother who runs after her is attacked and killed by a second lion. This video is a clear example of why there are signs up in drive-thru safari parks prohibiting members of the public from getting out of their cars.

Perhaps, she just forgot where she was for a moment. In an interview this year, the woman — who is suing the park for millions — said her life had been made worse by the negative media reports about her Darwin-esque stupidity.

17. Guardian Angel

September 2012. A Chinese CCTV surveillance camera records early morning traffic at an intersection. A truck approaches in the distance, the driver unaware that, at the same time, a small pedal bike is being ridden from the left. From our standpoint, a collision seems inevitable, the plight of the cyclist assured. At the last second, though, the truck swerves and its brakes lock. But it’s fruitless. The driver braces for impact.

Just then, from the right, a burst of light precedes the appearance of a dark figure lunging towards the cyclist. With the truck now inches away, the bike and its rider disappear in a blaze of light only to reappear a fraction of a second later on the right-hand side of the road, perfectly safe. Where the cyclist was can now be seen a dark ring of scorched tarmac. The figure — a hooded woman with her hands and feet glowing — tends to him briefly then walks away.

16. Is The Soul Real?

China again. A woman of indeterminate age sadly passes away. Her body is laid out on a hospital bed in the corridor, awaiting the attendance of a porter. The time is around 4 AM, and the hospital’s CCTV cameras monitor the numbed silent wards and corridors. Whether or not this video has been doctored, it certainly begins with a perfectly plausible scenario.

Now, we watch as, from the lifeless corpse, a translucent, shapeless figure sits up — its only features giving the appearance of a sheet draped over a thin inner core. It sits for a moment, as if in contemplation, before relinquishing its connection with the dead woman and flying off into the empty corridor behind. Interestingly, the British Mail Online reported on the phenomenon, suggesting the video was “proof there’s a soul.”

15. “Ghost” Attacks Office Worker

Early evening, sometime in 2015. A worker heads back to his office after enjoying some refreshments at his IT park’s cafeteria. As he turns the corner at the end of the corridor, he’s suddenly harried by a shadowy figure, lifted off his feet, and pushed, back against the wall. Over the next eight or nine seconds, the end of the corridor is wall-to-wall with the shadowy assailant. The young man is pushed repeatedly, then dragged around the corner.

Released from some sort of grip, he jumps to his feet and escapes, running back towards the camera and out of sight. Why was he hauled around the corner, only to be let go?

14. UFO In Bolton, England

Late summer in 2016. A home-installed CCTV camera records a quiet residential area. A security light turns on and off. The night sky over the houses in the near distance appears to bloom slightly. Then, to the middle right of the screen appears a bright light; while its distance can’t be established, it seems to be moving very fast. It disappears behind the houses to reappear on the left before turning sharply and flying back over the rooftops.

Such appearances are not uncommon to the area around Manchester. The Manchester Evening News even dubbed it one of the country’s “UFO hotspots.” A passenger on a plane ascending from Manchester airport snapped a video of strange objects earlier in the same year, and in 2015, a man called police after seeing a pulsating blue light hovering north of the city.

13. Sammie Wallace

Midwest Boulevard, Oklahoma, 2013. Ex-con Sammie Wallace takes a trolley into the local Walmart and starts looking for his next victim. He closes in on Alicia Keating and her 2-year-old daughter who are in the store, shopping. Grabbing Keating’s daughter (who remains unnamed), Wallace holds the little girl at knife point.

Police are quickly on the scene, but a tense standoff lasts almost 30 minutes, with Wallace becoming increasingly agitated. One of the policeman present recalled how Wallace “talked about being the richest man in the world and being able to get a Dallas officer there in 10 minutes.”

None of this mattered then to the police who were growing increasingly concerned for the child’s safety. With Wallace lifting the knife up to the child’s throat and counting down from 60, the officers had seen enough. Captain David Huff walked up and shot the suspect point blank in the head.

12. Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam’s disappearance sparked an international murder mystery. The 21-year-old Canadian student visited Los Angeles as part of a long vacation and checked into the Cecil Hotel on January 26th, 2013. The hotel had a dark history of rape, murder, and suicide. It had lost the glory of its heyday and was considerably downmarket by the time Lam checked in.

This video shows the last images captured of Lam as she gets into an elevator in the Cecil on February 1st. During the two-and-a-half-minute clip, Lam’s behavior becomes increasingly odd. After the video was uploaded to YouTube, viewers were quick to offer suggestions for her weird behavior. Some considered she was possessed, while others thought she was hiding from someone. Either way, this was the last clip of Lam. Her body was found in the water tank of the hotel two weeks later.

11. Hotel Screamer

September 14, 2003. After some guests of a hotel in Illinois complained about incessant screaming coming from one of the rooms on the second floor, the hotel manager decided to investigate. Casual residents staying at the Wingate Hotel reported hearing a woman’s blood-curdling scream throughout their stay. The hotel security manager summoned his best man, John, to check out room #209.

Reaching the corridor, the screams can be heard on the video — muffled but audible. John stands outside #209 nervously, confirming he can hear the sounds. To make matters worse, John is told over the radio that no one is checked into the room. Although advised to wait for the police, John enters cautiously. As he does, a white mass is seen exiting quickly. John reports the presence of no living person but finds the furniture upturned and the carpets ripped to shreds.

10. Creeper

Professional actor Jo Cummings noticed food and drink were missing from his refrigerator each morning, so he decided to sleuth this one out. Next night, he set up a camera on a cabinet in the kitchen and pressed record. What he found when he reviewed the footage the next morning sent a chill down his spine.

The video runs through the night. Soon, we see a woman (unnamed) climb down from an attic space, carefully adjusting the table and chairs in order to reach the floor. She first urinates in the sink, then, as natural as you like, opens the fridge door to inspect that night’s offerings. She drinks juice and takes food from the larder. Halfway through the video, Cummings himself returns to the kitchen, and she hides. The next morning, Cummings takes the tape to police and has the woman removed.

9. Alien Abduction, Confirmed

Uploaded to YouTube in 2008, this next CCTV capture has had almost 4 million views, probably because it’s about as authentic as it gets. In the top-right quadrant of the images, a worker casually exits the rear of a warehouse. As he disappears into the night, the quadrant shows the area outside the warehouse light up like a juke box. Just after this, the CCTV feed is hit by a static charge.

After the glitch subsides, the images return to normal and run for around two hours. The worker finally crawls into view on all fours. He stops to vomit and then slowly and carefully gets to his feet. He presses his hands against his stomach. He walks. And walks some more. In fact, the worker quit his job the next day. Having run this video past numerous experts in alien abduction and psychosis, it appears to be genuine.

8. Violent Spirit

A man walks along a nondescript corridor. Halfway along, he’s confronted by a black mass. But he doesn’t see it until it’s too late. Whatever it is that meets the man head-on has enough energy to bring him off his feet. Now grabbing the man’s legs, the mass appears to drag him effortlessly along the corridor. Terrified, the man is helpless for around five seconds before the shadow releases its grip and falls back towards the end of the corridor.

Numerous sightings of shadowy figures have occurred throughout history. Opinion is divided on whether these anomalies are human spirits or “demonic” entities, which are said to reside on another plane of existence. Suffice it to say, while being met by a shadow figure is a frightening prospect, luckily, very few have the energy or the power to be able to reach out and physically harm us.

7.  Jacksonville Clowns

Springfield, Jacksonville. November 2014. A craze for wearing clown clothes causes a neighborhood stir. OK, so it was Halloween, but even so, these guys took trick-or-treating to new levels, so much so that if you saw one of them approach, you’d be more likely to shut and lock your door than to give them candy. In one of the videos, a clown is seen loitering on the porch of a house and ripping apart a pumpkin.

While clowns used to be an integral funny act in a circus routine, their status has gone from funny man to psychopath in a matter of years. Thanks in part to films such as “It,” which played on the fears and phobias of a group of young children. The clown, Pennywise, is able to take on different forms when “hunting” for its prey and entices the children who, at that point, consider him harmless.

6.  Night Crawlers

July 2008 saw the arrival of a video that intrigued millions. A CCTV camera set up on the side of a house in Fresno, California caught a strange phenomenon. Just before 1 AM, a figure is seen walking across the front yard. It has elongated legs, coming together at what looks like a perfectly round head; it’s thought to be around four feet tall. The being has no arms or body and walks with difficulty.

Many theories have been put forward about these creatures’ true identity, but mystery still surrounds them. There have been only two sightings of them, and both in Fresno, although no eyewitness accounts have been reported; CCTV footage is currently the only evidence of their existence. Research continues into this and other cryptids caught on camera. Interestingly, all have a similar body shape, are very thin, and are usually gray in color.

5. Possession

In 2011, a man walks into a shop and heads for the chillers. Picking out an item, he suddenly looks as though he’s been hit by pain from his temples to his feet. His body locks up, his eyes roll to the back of his head, and his fingers splay. Customers scatter as he begins tearing at his clothes, seemingly controlled by something from the inside. He falls to his knees in a total freak out from which he looks like he’ll never return.

While some might think the man is having an epileptic fit, he seems to be moving in a more extravagant way, slapping at his chest and cheeks and making curling movements with his arms. After about a minute, the man falls to the floor. Faked? When you watch the video, notice the reflection in the glass toward the end of the video, plus, notice how some products then fall from the shelf.

4. Poltergeist In The Office

A lone office worker in an unknown location begins work early and ends it soon after. Initially wearing headphones, the woman fails to notice an office chair behind her move. Soon after, a bottle nearby is flipped from the worktop, after which she instinctively clutches her headphones. Now clearly shaken by the event, she returns the bottle to the table. From then on, the woman is subjected to a series of poltergeist-type occurrences, which, in the end, force her to leave.

Most poltergeist activity can be attributed to air currents or unusual cognitive dynamics. But when caught on camera, they’re harder to dismiss. According to Allan Kardec, the founder of Spiritist philosophy, poltergeists are “manifestations of disembodied spirits of low level, belonging to the sixth class of the third order. Under this explanation, they are believed to be closely associated with the elements (fire, air, water, earth).”

3. Indian Take Away

5 January 2017. India. Two young men sleep on top of the covers of their beds. The door to the room slowly opens, and 20 seconds later, we see a pair of hands lift the man closest to the camera up and out of his bed. The man is then dragged across his bed by his feet until only his neck and head are touching the mattress. Incredibly, he runs from the room without waking his roommate.

While this could have been an elaborate hoax using a pulley system and movie cable to give the impression of an invisible force, many believe it to be true, and the originators of the video haven’t denied its authenticity. It’s likely that the India event is another prime example of poltergeist activity, which, unlike a true ghost spirit, carries enough energy to move items in the physical realm.

2. English Ghost

Back in 2015, in Yateley, England, a CCTV surveillance camera caught the apparition of a woman floating near the 1st-floor window of a public house. It was said by the pub’s owners to be a “woman figure” that “appears quite often.” While it’s one thing to see a ghost with our own eyes, it’s quite another to have actual video evidence for us all to enjoy.

The white mist is seen appearing at the window and floating above the staircase for a moment before disappearing. Just prior to this, the intruder alarms are set off. Watching the video back, members of staff weren’t surprised by what they saw. “It’s not the first time it’s happened,” said worker Andy Froker. “We heard a glass fall off of the shelf and smash, and when we watched that back on the CCTV, it looked like it had flown off the shelf rather than fallen.”

1. Long Dead Lord Mayor

A team of paranormal investigators arrives at the Liverpool Medical Institute in Liverpool, England. They set up their equipment for a night-long investigation of the historic building. On reviewing the video and audio captures the next day, they uncover a whole host of evidence of paranormal activity from voices to orbs. But the oddest thing captured was a large misshapen ball of light, which appeared to dance around the hallway in front of them.

This materialized shortly after the team had cajoled spirits to come forward. Pamela Robinette, one of the investigators, recalls how “after calling for Richard Caton, Lord Mayor of Liverpool in 1909,” the house alarms went off. “We continued to direct questions to Richard Caton for two hours and have documented evidence of seventeen occurrences.” The bright ball of light was one of the team’s biggest captures.

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