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20 MORE Debatable Facts With Chicks

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M. Night Shyamalan chose not to work on the Life of Pi movie because he didn’t want audiences to suspect a twist.source

When a city in Indiana replaced all their signaled intersections with roundabouts, construction costs dropped $125,000, gas savings reached 24k gallons/year per roundabout, injury accidents dropped 80%, and total accidents dropped 40%.source

The singular form of “spaghetti” is “spaghetto”source

The ABC-Walt Disney Company merger in 1995 required family shows to feature Disney World or Disneyland. Boys Meets World, Step by Step, Full House, and Family Matters all had at least one Disney Park episode.source

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became an ordained minister to officiate a fans wedding.source

Ernest Hemingway begged his wife not to send him for more electroshock treatments because he lost so much of his memory he couldn’t even remember his own name. He committed suicide the day after his 36th shock treatment.source

Iggy Azalea is the only artist since the Beatles whose first two Hot 100 hits have ranked first and second simultaneously. source

J.K. Rowling was asked to use her initials instead of her full name (Joanne Rowling) because her publishers were worried that boys wouldn’t want to read a book written by a woman source

Donald Trump proposed a one-time tax on the wealthiest 1% to eliminate the national debt. source

Snapchat was originally marketed as an app to send nude pictures called Picaboo source

The richest woman in Germany met her future husband while she was working in an apprenticeship at BMW under a fake name. source

Actor Danny Trejo pointedly does not do his own stunts saying “I don’t want to risk 80 people’s jobs just so I can say I have big nuts.” source

Al Capone was responsible for expiration dates on milk jugs. source

Jim Carrey sucked on Shannon Whirry’s real boob which had milk in them in “Me, Myself & Irene.” He felt so humiliated that he had to clear the set before each take. source

Howard Stern ran for Governor of New York in 1994 promising to limit road work to night hours. He eventually withdrew, but later that year, The Howard Stern Bill was signed into law which limited road construction in New York City and Long Island to night hours. source

In 1988, Cosmopolitan released an article saying that women should not worry about contracting HIV from infected men and that “most heterosexuals are not at risk”, claiming it was impossible to transmit HIV in the missionary position. source

Jellyfish are 98% water, they evaporate in the sun. source

Dave Grohl played every instrument and sang every vocal on the Foo Fighters’ first album. The only reason he put the band together was so he could tour. source

It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, 20 years for the phone, 13 years for the television, 3.6 years for Facebook and it took Google Plus 88 days source

The Queen of England’s portrait has been on enough international money to make a progressive timeline of her aging. source


20 Debatable Facts With Chicks


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