20 Everyday Things You May Have Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life –

1. Peel an orange by unrolling it.

2. Fold a bag of chips to make a bowl instead of reaching in.

3. Make a sandwich out of a cupcake, making it less messy to eat.

4. Hang clothes side by side to save space.

5. Keep ice cream soft by putting it in a freezer bag.

6. Put cloth around your feet when mopping, this keeps your feet dry.

7. Cut slits in bandages to wrap around the wound better.

8. This method better compacts your clothes.

9. Write random letter over your writing, if you’re trying to hide it.

10. make toast horizontally, so it toasts evenly.

11. Use a paper sheet to get the bottom chips out.

12. Turn a cup lid into a coaster.

13. Roll up clothes for more space.

14. Use shopping cart loops to hold your bags.

15. The toilet paper roll faces you.

16. Gas indicators tell you which side the tank is on.

17. Use test pieces of new clothes to try detergents, so you don’t ruin the whole thing.

18. End of measuring tapes have places to hook a nail or screw before stretching it out.

19. The blue part of the eraser is meant for rough paper.

20. Twist and push down to crush a can better.


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