20 Fans Try To Predict Some Of The 14,000,604 Futures That Dr. Strange Saw

20 Fans Try To Predict Some Of The 14,000,604 Futures That Dr. Strange Saw



Out of all the possible futures that could be, what has doctor strange seen?

They go with Star Lord’s plan, which ends up just being a dance off.

Turns out Thanos is an amazing dancer and wins.
– u/Theproton

Another one where it’s going really well, Thanos is getting served… and then Star Lord mistakenly transitions into a West Side Story dance-off.

*snaps fingers
– u/Verklemtomaniac
The one future where they win is when Dr. Strange sends Starlord back in time to dance better, because he knows all of Thanos’ moves
– u/AdouMusou

The avengers decided that the only way that Thanos won’t kill half of the universe is if he knew how it felt to experience true love. Then he would know how hard it would be to lose the one you love. So in order to make Thanos find true love, each of the avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy attempt to seduce Thanos. Unfortunately when Thanos realized that Hulk didn’t actually love him he took revenge and killed half the universe.
– u/General_Judgement

Thanos accidentally snaps Death and now everyone is basically immortal. Nobody wins
– u/hulking_ninja

Basically everyone rolled a 1 on their attack throws. Drax trips and impales himself. Doctor Strange accidentally drops Mantis on some rebar. Quill sticks his grenade to Iron Man’s head instead of the gauntlet. Spiderman just ends up swinging into Thanos’ upstretched arm and hits his throat, choking to death. Critical fails left and right!
– u/Sonotmethen

Thanos himself gets purged in the snap and the avengers do a second civil war to see who gets to keep the gauntlet.

This boils down to the extinction of the other half of the universe.

Then Deadpool shows up at the end credits and rambles about how all of this made Disney a ton of money.
– u/aruametello

Vision uses the power of the mind stone to actually be useful.
– u/lokigodofchaos

Instead of turning into dust, Stan Lee walks up to them with a giant pencil and erases them.
– u/Locke108
He’s really drunk while doing it so he ends up just dismembering them.
– u/ExoHead

The one were all the same thing’s happened and the avengers end up winning but Dr. Strange stubs his toe on the corner of the coffee table. Obviously he decides that that is an unacceptable future.
– u/anonomous_toaster

Or the one where they beat Thanos and every gets to go to the Avengers Award Ceremony in recognition for their heroic effort and Dr. Strange discovers his fly was down the entire time.
– u/[deleted]
You’re forgetting the one where he’s at the award ceremony and it seems like the exact same thing but then Strange goes to the bathroom and gets the forked stream and pisses on his shoe.
– u/TheCrystalGem

Dr Strange brings Bruce Banner onto Titan to confront Thanos. They need the hulk, so Starlord kicks Bruce in the balls. He doesn’t turn into the hulk, and Thanos kills everyone.
– u/fdsdfg

The one where doctor strange could have portal cut Thanos arm off.
– u/JAM224365

Maybe the one where Thanos realised Starks mom is also named Martha. Then Tony joined his side.
– u/orangeinsight

The plot of Tucker and Dale VS. Evil. Instead it’s just Thanos trying to enjoy a vacation and all of the Avengers killing themselves around them.
– u/TidalFight65

So all the heroes attack as one hitting Thanos with everything they’ve got and more. Spider-man jumps on Thanos’s head, reaches down and starts yanking away on Thanos’s chin. With a violent rip, Thanos’s mask comes off! Our heroes all gasp “Dan Didio, Publisher of DC Comics?!?” “Yeah! And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!… Oh, wait!

– u/Lilfrostgiant

Instead of snapping he dabbed.
– u/SexyCrimes
The Avengers actually won in this one too. But Strange felt it was morally wrong to let that happen.
– u/OptimusTardis
And in this one no one even died. But Strange still was like, “Nah, not worth it.”
– u/my_useless_Opinion

Thanos snaps. It fails. Thanos snaps again. It fails. Frustrated, Thanos runs his hand over his face and let’s out a high pitched moan. He tries one more time. Nothing. He looks around, growing embarrassed. He gives a little shrug and a half smile. The Vision has no emotion, because he’s dead. Thanos puts his fingers together for one more try then…wait! He slaps his head with his hand, and cries, “That’s right! I almost forgot! I’m left handed!” He snaps again and half the universe dies.
– u/Zombierabbitz

Thanos ends up jerking off with the gauntlet still on his hand and inadvertently makes the entire universe go blind
– u/sobstoryEZKarma

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