20 Fascinating Pics From History – Bonus: Gangsters!

1. Members of the Five Points Gang of New York City, late 1800s.

2. Members of a “growler gang” perform a fake robbery to show the photographer how they steal.

3. Giosue Gallucci and his family. He was a crime boss of “Italian Harlem” in NYC.

4. Bombed cathedrals in post-WWII Germany.

5. Members of the Cairo Gang. The Cairo Gang provided information to the British on the activities of the Irish Republican Army. Most of these men were killed on November 21, 1920.

6. Unemployed men queued outside a depression soup kitchen opened in Chicago, 1931.

7. Machine Gun Kelly, American Gangster wanted for Conspiracy to kidnap and bank robbing.

8. Old Town Warsaw Market Place at the end of WWII.

9. Bandit’s Roost, New York City, Circa 1890. This place is said to have been one of the most dangerous areas in the entire city at the time thanks to crime and disease.

10. Protesters protesting the Vietnam War in Kansas, 1967.

11. Crowd of people celebrating and posing for a photo moments after notorious gangster John Dillinger was shot dead on the sidewalk.

12. Photo of The Navy Street gang in Brooklyn, New York.

13. Harry Fowles, member of the real “Peaky Blinders” gang.

14. Ernest Bayles, another member of the real “Peaky Blinders” gang.

15. A shot of a slum in New York City Circa 1890.

16. Student protesters marching down Langdon Street at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the Vietnam War era.

17. Gangster Charles “Lucky” Luciano enjoys a drink. He is considered the godfather of modern organized crime and was charged with heading a prostitution racket and heavy drug trafficking.

18. Gangsters pose for mug shots after being arrested.

19. Police empty a barrel of beer into the sewer during prohibition,

20. Infamous gangster Al Capone smiles for the camera.

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