20 Gadgets Batman Has That Would Make The Government Jealous

It seems that Bruce Wayne and the fortune he possesses has allowed him to become a superhero unlike any we’ve ever seen, and it’s pretty cool to see. Batman was developed by Wayne to ultimately take on bad guys and make sure they’re put down in a major way. However, he has to do it in unique ways. DC Comics is full of bad guys that are not so easy to take out, including many in the rogues gallery for Batman.

Many have major weapons or super-powers, and Batman has to be able to take those horrific people down. The hard part? Batman has no super-power to rely on like many of his friends in the Justice League. He has to rely on his intelligence and fighting skill. However, one of the other key things Batman has are his “toys.”

While some things Batman has can be seen anywhere, so much of his stuff is made using ideas of his own mind. Some are developed by Bruce Wayne himself while other things are paid for where others make it for him. Either way, they are not seen anywhere else.

This is an issue, as the vigilante known as Batman is someone that the government is not sure about. Every government is untrusting and when one man has more than an entire government, it can pose as a potential problem. They would never trust Batman if he were real, and the gadgets he has would likely be things they would want for themselves. That is what this article is about, the gadgets possessed by the Dark Knight, and the ones your government would want to take from him for to give to themselves. Enjoy.

20. Batcall Or Sonic Bat-Beacon

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The Batcall is actually one of the better inventions from Batman, and one that can be really useful. Batman has the ability to enable this batcall that will call bats to the area he’s at. Also known as a sonic bat-beacon, this is a signal he sends out that only the bats can understand and make out. If tweaked, the same tech could be used for other animals with similar accuracy and use. Could you imagine possessing something like this?

The best thing to relate it to is the silent whistle that only dogs can hear, due to the high-pitched nature. However, this only goes to such a distance. Batman’s batcall seems to have a very large reaching call to the animal he patterned his name after. If it were to be used in other ways, there is no telling what kind of damage could be done. Batman did the hard job in creating it, so tweaking it to see the other things you could do would be interesting.

19. Freeze Cluster

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Mr. Freeze, one of the many enemies of the Batman that had super-powered weapons, developed amazing freeze technology. A lot of these things he made were used to harm people, yet they were clearly useful at doing what Freeze wanted. Otherwise, he would not have been a successful villain Batman had to stop, right? One of the key points of Freeze’s tech was that most of all it was designed the same way. Batman saw a use in this tech, but not to harm, merely to help stop people.

Certain enemies to Batman like Clayface clearly present problems to Batman from a superpower standpoint. Many gadgets won’t work on him, so he would need to go deep into the bad to find something. That is where he would find the freeze cluster, made with the same tech Mr. Freeze used but was tweaked by Batman to subdue enemies. It can be used to even freeze water to travel over. So the uses are endless and clearly people would want this tech for themselves if Batman did not possess it.

18. Batarang


Throughout Batman’s history, one weapon seems to hold up. It is the gadget he is most known for it, and the very thing that oozes “Batman.” That is his batarang. Similar to that of a boomerang, it is thrown with the idea of moving toward someone to hit them. That was the reason the boomerang was made after-all. Batman’s works more like a weapon meant to hit than to play games with, in that they are sharp and meant to hit opponents enough to injure. Though they could seriously cause lasting damage, that is never the idea of the caped crusader.

There are dozens of different types of the batarang. From types that can record audio, to electric types that can electrocute you upon impact. There’s also spy batarangs that are meant to be thrown and catch video of enemies on a small camera Batman has. They are absolutely useful, and they’re clearly something any government would want. They are more efficient than most things, and can be used in close combat. They could also be thrown long distances to hit further targets. In reality, these might be one of the only practical weapons he has that could be replicated and used. Though perhaps not with the extra tech he adds to some.

17. EMP

EMPs are well-known and many armed forces across the world actually have one. EMP stands for “electromagnetic pulse.” These devices are often used to shut down electronics of any kind in a certain area where the EMP is placed. Often times, EMPs attached to an area and simply take out the electronics. The better types destroy the electronic devices entirely.

What is so interesting is that this stuff can either be pretty big to take out a certain area’s electronic material or have to be very small, where it can only affect one thing at a time. There are few in-between types. Enter Batman’s EMP grenade. Highly effective when shot out, meaning it can get a great distance. It can also be thrown as well. The idea is that upon reaching its destination, it will take out anything technological in the area, despite its size. Why would a government want it? Firstly to get it out of Batman’s hands but also because the technology is impressive and can be used much easier than current EMP tech.

16. Bat-Darts


The bat-darts are really interesting and you may speculate that this would not make anyone jealous…until you realize what they do. Yes, they are a form of tranquilizer most of the time. However, Batman has done other things with them as he specializes them to fit the need he might have. Think of it like the darts you might see in Assassin’s Creed games. They’re not all for the same purpose, but you have various types. The same happens with Batman’s darts. They’re also not like normal darts you see from Indian tribes, but special bat-looking devices that almost double as ninja stars, similar to the batarang.

While none of his darts are for seriously harmful purposes, if he chose to alter them for that purpose, he easily could. The great thing about them is that they usually only need one use, to put someone to sleep. Though for how long can always be relative to body weight, height, and multiple other factors. So Batman has altered them before to make sure they keep anyone out a certain length of time at points. Really, it is all up to the story-arc if we’re being honest. They’re also sharp, and good for simple injury beyond the other uses.

15. Explosive Gel

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Batman’s explosive gel is considered to be one of the more beloved things he has. The armed forces have used gel in the past, but not this kind. Most of the time the gel they use is normally used like acid to eat away at metal properties. Or they are used to detonate things from a distance. In the case of Batman’s explosive gel, it is quite different.

His gel is a foam-like substance that he can shoot at a wall or anything really, and it sticks to the surface. From there, it’ll usually only blow a hole in a surface as big as the surface of the gel. Batman, in some cases, could only need a small amount to blow a lock or something of that nature. So the use in this substance is quite vast, and the fact that Batman can use as much of it as he wants and it ONLY blows when it is put out by Batman is impressive, as he remains safe with it on his utility belt.

14. Batman’s Flash-Bang


Batman’s flash-bang tech are extremely useful, and might be the best weapon like it available. Flash grenades can be used today by your government’s armed forces, or even a local police force. However, the success of it and what it can do is often different in real life versus the comics where the success of it is far larger.

Realistically, something like this would make you deaf immediately upon impact, though only temporarily most of the time. Due to the massive sound wave it gives off, it messes with your inner ear and causes you to be disoriented and dazed. So it does not make you blind, but Batman’s version does temporarily blind and deafen his enemies for a short period. This is essential, as both main senses being gone means he can take advantage in a big way. That said, his version might be far more useful than the current version used.

13. Bat-Stun

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One of the things we rarely see in use is the stun-gun. Most of the time this particular weapon is in rare use because it does not do as well as people hope for it to, mostly due to how you use it. Tasers are often effective at doing similar things, but this is something you use to literally stun your opponent. How does it work differently? Tasers are meant to hurt someone to take them down, and only useful when they are in use. Where as the capacity of a stunner is meant to stun someone temporarily even after it is used, and will bring most anyone down when used right. A taser won’t always do that.

Due to close range, they are more effective but only when applied for the right amount of time and continued to the ground. Normal ones are going to take someone down likely for a very short time, a 30 second average or less. Meanwhile Batman takes people down for a longer period. This means his gun likely has a very high current that interacts the electricity already within the human body, which causes the body to overact. This could likely make a knockout occur or even a temporary blackout, which could cause someone to be down for minutes rather than seconds. That is essentially a big deal in close range combat, as well as escaping a fight.

12. Thermite Grenade

Sometimes there are things that you don’t actually think are useful, but in reality, really are. Such as this. What is it you may ask? You may not know that normal grenades release a blast that is mostly due to what it possesses inside as well as the shrapnel that is blasted out too. This can be useful in breaking up enemies.

However, they are rarely used for breaking through walls or other obstacles. A thermite grenade is used for such purposes, as they can be thrown and break through just about anything by basically burning through the obstacle. Due to Batman’s tech that can rapidly burn through obstacles while being smaller, it is unique and something your government would want to use for their forces. While we have things like it now, there is nothing exactly like this and this would be cool to have access to.

11. Batmobile/Tumbler

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Likely the most popular thing Batman owns is his infamous Batmobile, that can go to speeds that no one has the capability of understanding. Possibly the most beloved versions of the Batmobile happened in Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight series of movies. He called his version “the tumbler.” It was capable of withstanding blasts from just about any weapon and reaching high speeds like the others. Most importantly, it could stop on a dime and turn without any resisting in g-force, which is pretty remarkable. It also would rarely be able to be turned over, allowing it to move all the time.

They covered it as something made for the United States armed forces as an invention from Lucius Fox. This way Bruce Wayne could hide his Wayne Tech in a way that would be inconspicuous. Obviously this was found out later, of course. The idea is that due to what the batmobile possesses inside of it, the armed forces in any nation would want to be inside of it and have it for themselves. Who wouldn’t? It is an incredible piece of technology that could likely do half the job for Batman.

10. Cryo-Capsules

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One of the most inventive things from Batman is the cryo-capsule, something that a government might kill for. Think of the object from Mr. Freeze mentioned above. What if you could do something similar to the freeze grenade but in a different form? That was the case of the cryo-capsule. It is used to keep objects or people frozen to the ground. Unlike the grenade that freezes someone completely or in large amounts, the capsule only traps them.

Due to being merely trapped, it is less dangerous. However, it is also less dangerous all the way around. Freeze’s devices tend to bring people well below a livable temperature. These capsules bring the frozen material to absolute zero. This is –273.15°C for the science majors. Due to this, the frozen nature keeping something or someone frozen will stay in place for a while and would melt later on upon exposure to the heat of real life. Freeze’s tech sometimes did not unfreeze people. Ideally the freeze tech is more useful, but Batman’s cryo-capsule is more practical.

9. Bat-Lie Detector

One of the more obscure Batman gadgets happens to be his lie detector. It is an interesting piece of technology for Batman to use, but is has been useful. While your standard lie detector used in police stations may be useful to some, it truly isn’t the best way to determine lying. However, Batman’s technology uses similar things the normal lie detector uses…but with a twist. The tech uses a monitor on the pulse and heart, that goes deeper within than a normal lie detector.

On top of this, it seems to grasp voice patterns as well. Oh yeah, and it does not always have to even hook anyone up to anything to do any of this. Of course, this allows for Batman to find a liar much easier and more efficiently than the normal detector we have today. The one known of today is considered obsolete, so much so that it is not allowed to be used as evidence in court. Batman’s tech would certainly be a major upgrade and likely would be something any government would want to have.

8. Shark Repellant

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This comes from the old school Adam West Batman series, and likely sounds hilarious when spoken about. Shark repellant actually exists already…sort of. There are a few products on the market that are supposed to do it but are not proven to be 100% effective. They’re also used mostly to keep sharks away rather than used to stop one from attacking you. Batman’s shark repellant is used for such purposes, and is likely going to be useful to anyone.

Think about it, if you’re in the Navy for your country and there are sharks all around you, having a proven repellant to allow you a way to get away from them would be ideal. It would also open up more opportunities to go through bigger bodies of water on smaller devices. Truthfully, Batman’s shark repellant may not be 100% real and all, but if it worked the way we saw it before, it could save a life. Is that not something the armed forces would want more often?

7. The Batsuit Itself


One of the most critical pieces of technology Batman possesses may very well be the suit that he uses. While it may not seem like one, it technically is one big gadget in its own right. First and foremost, the cape. It is memory-sensed, capable of expanding and going back to the original form. Allowing Batman to glide almost like flying, and of course it is bulletproof. The entire suit is bulletproof as well, and made from armor that people are not seeing in the armed forces today.

The cowl has built in tech that allows for Batman to communicate with anyone, and has night vision material hooked into it to help Bruce Wayne, as well as infrared tech among other things to help Batman see enemies. That same cowl has an electric charge that hits anyone who try to take off his mask too, allowing for Wayne to remain undetected even when knocked out. This is not even including the sharp blades on the side of his arms or the utility belt in general that has many of his other gadgets inside of it. Truly governments would pay good money for something like this.

6. Shock-Gloves


It should come as no surprise that Batman would have a pair of shock-gloves. These particular gloves look similar to the size of boxing gloves, but they do not merely punch an opponent of course. Don’t assume Batman would have something he could do just fine with the fists he each named “justice.” They have a non-lethal charge within them that allows for them to hit and take down, but not do everlasting damage. Of course, Batman is against such things. The charge is pretty powerful, so they’re likely used for more advanced enemies than your standard bad guy.

They’re also used for other practical things as well. If someone needs a defibrillator, they can double as that. This is likely something Batman needs them for more often than for enemies. They’re also quite useful for electronic gateways, which likely means he could bypass or mess up the system allowing him to cross through. Or break through an electric fence of some sort without getting electrocuted due to the tech. In the end, this is something anyone would want to have, if they’re smart.

5. Batplane


The Batplane is considered to be as big of a use to Batman at times as his batmobile. The biggest feature it has would be the speed it can travel, as it reaches levels jets would bow down to. This is not even including the armoury it has in it, that allows Batman to shoot at his enemies without having to get too close to them. Some of the weapons are average types, but others could be unique, like electric material or even EMPs.

The plane is equipped with anything a normal plane has, but due to all the tech it has within it…there’s a good chance nothing has ever been seen like it in the real world. While we are seeing great new planes being built and used by governments all over the world, the Batplane also continues to evolved every time we see it. With the ability to do so much, one would imagine how any government would turn down owning it if they could find a way to get it from Batman.

4. Energy Deflector

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The Batman energy deflector was a device created by Lucius Fox, and one of extreme value to the caped crusader. There are many enemies Batman crosses through that use an energy force of some kind as a form of weaponry. Whether it is powers they possess, or possibly tech they might use. Whatever the case, energy weaponry can be very harmful to the human Batman. Due to these weapons being harmful, Fox wanted to help out his boss’ alter ego.

That was when he made the energy deflector, capable of deflecting only energy based attacks. While this was a prototype with the only one in existence being the one Batman used, it was useful in helping Batman do his job. This sort of thing would be far more useful to the armed forces if we saw weapons from the DC Universe in real life more often. However, we have seen energy weapons perfected and used in combat or in other forms. With that said, this sort of thing would do wonders for any government in the world.

3. Bat-Computer

Batman’s computer is seen as likely the height of his technology, due to what it has. Batman has major encryptions here and a variety of passwords and unlikely things to keep people out of his important files. The things Batman has on this computer could rival any major thing a government has access to. Batman does not know everything because he knows the guys at Google, oh no. He knows it because he’s able to find it out by getting into every digital file imaginable.

His computer allows him to plan out attacks, know what is coming, and plan for every little thing. Any government would be envious of it. Think about this….Batman knows everything about everyone he chooses to know about. All of it is due to what his computer can do and what he does with it. While Bruce Wayne might be a genius who has insane hacking skills, his computer is what holds all that he finds. Therefore, who would not want Batman’s high-tech computer full of information about everyone and everything? It’s likely Batman would be the first to know of anything happening. That is not by coincidence.

2. Hellbat Suit

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Imagine if Batman had a Hulkbuster. That is the Hellbat suit. The suit is similar to that of Batman’s normal costume. However, it is far more threatening and could likely take out any force he comes in contact with. It is far better than the suit he uses against Superman, and far more effective. It is also easier to move around. The suit is made out of nano-kinetic metallic composition. It can be shed or attached to a person through an artificial intelligence usually within something you could wear. It also has a cloaking feature to it, which allows Batman to be completely invisible to his enemies.

That isn’t all, as it also possesses wings. These wings can transform into different shapes to fit certain situations. When removed by Darkseid, they were shed into bats in a transformation of sorts. The rub about this suit is that it uses the life essence of Bruce Wayne himself. Meaning the suit is killing Batman to wear, and the longer he wears it, the closer he gets to death. So he cannot use it for long. This is why the power of the suit seems to strong. Clearly a suit like this would be something any government would want. Who could say no to such a suit? Though, the life essence part would be rough to deal with as the user.

1. Kryptonite Ring

Batman’s Kryptonite Ring is considered to be possibly his most important gadget. It isn’t because this is the height of technology or that he could use it to help the average man. In most instances, this is a pretty useless piece of tech. That is, unless he comes in contact with Superman. It is, of course, the weakness of the Man of Steel. Due to this, Batman possessing it allows him to stop Superman if he ever goes too far. It can also be used against anyone from the planet of Krypton.

Why would a government ever want a ring that contains something fake from a fake planet that is used to stop fake people? Think of it like this. A weapon like this could be used in real life against anyone who has a weakness. Imagine having the weakness of the most threatening person or group on the planet. If you had their weakness inside of a ring that they could not take from you, but only hope you would not use…would you want it? Of course. That is what this ring would be for real life. A useful tool made to keep the biggest threat in check.

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