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20 Gifs That Prove All Cats Are B*stards

Has a cat ever been friendly with you? Fool! You fell for it! Every single cat in the world is a complete and utter b*stard and this article will prove that in no uncertain terms.

1. Cats attack babies!

Cat attacks baby


2. They attack toddlers too!

Cat attacks kid

via: Tumblr

3. When it comes to attacking kids, they don’t discriminate on gender!

Cat attacks girl

via: Noticemenot

4. You can’t even pose with a thumbs-up next to a cat!

Thumbs up cat

via: BuzzFeed

5. And don’t even think about trying to kiss one of the little b*stards!

Cat kiss


6. If you’re an old lady and you want to have a sing-along in front of a cat… FUGGEDABOUTIT!

Cat attacks singers

via: Tumblr

7. Want to keep the place tidy? CATS PUNISH YOU FOR THAT!

Cat bin scare

via: ryanjacob441

8. Annoying, light-switching-off little sh*t-bag!

Cat lights


9. Aren’t dogs meant to bully cats? Yeah? No.

Cat claws dog

via: Shannon Nelson

10. Annoying, dog-bullying b*stards!

Cat provokes dog

via: Erin Young

11. Completely unprovoked and vicious!

Cat lunges at dog

via: David Moore

12. KO! KO! KO!

Cat KOs dog

via: Courtney Baker

13. They’re even b*stards to each other!

Cat food

via: Sylvester_Scott

14. Even stuffed toys aren’t safe, for Christ’s sake!

Cat stuffed toy


15. They steal pancakes!

Cat pancakes

via: PatitoIncognito

16. Because knocking things onto the floor is funny, right?

Cat knocking things



Cat pushing things

via: 1Voice1Life

18. Look at the way it looks the owner dead in the eye before being a little b*stard!

Cat glass
via: Ransal

19.  Yeah, that’s just the sort of sh*t your owner wants to clean up!

Cat toilet tissue


20. Wait for it…

Cat Jenga

…what a little b*stard.

via: RespectMyAuthoriteh

20 Gifs That Prove All Cats Are B*stards


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