I’m sure in your mind, you think you throw the most epic Halloween party that civilization has ever seen. But in reality it has shitty decorations, shitty party games, and shitty costumes. This is not the case at the Maxim Halloween Party. They have a shitload of booze, bartenders, lavishing decorated mansion and ridiculously hot models wearing next to nothing. Sorry to break it you, but their shindig is more gooder than yours.

Even though Maxim did not invite me to their epic holiday celebration, I will still show you the highlights of the monster mash. And by highlights I mean hot girls with big tits dressed in cosplay sexiness.

Our newest crush, Antje Utgaard, brought her beautiful self to the party as Cleopatra.

She showed up in a big fucking way.

Sexy Draya Michele was also Cleopatra.

Jenna Jenovich was the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit and filled the dress quite splendidly.

Jenna would later videobomb the gorgeous Abigail Ratchford.

Speaking of the beautiful Abigail Ratchford. Wow!

Gorgeous Nicole Leigh looking exquisite.

Heavenly Holly Wolf went to the party dressed as dental floss.

Look at the fluffy butt on Karrueche Tran.

Tantalizing Tawny Jordan did the post party trip to In-N-Out. On a sidenote, I’m going to the wrong In-N-Outs.

Barbie Blank was a sexy dragon and I want to be her Khaleesi.

My Halloween parties don’t look like this.

Mesmerizing Melissa Riso looked amazing!

Um Maxim. Invite? Please.

Alluring Andrea Jarova is an alien or a bug. It doesn’t matter. She’s crazy hot.

Double your pleasure with the Naven Twins.

My dick just found Waldo.

And Joe Jonas performed. He was the Hamburglar. So there’s that.


20 Hot Models In Skimpy Costumes From The Maxim Halloween Party

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