20 Inventions That Prove We Live In The Future –


1. This portable solar charger makes it possible to re-charge your gadgets wherever the wild may take you.

2. With these creative backlit T-shirts you can let your kids draw on their clothes.

3. Take this coffee store that can print images on your drinks upon request.

4. At the Dallas International Airport, you can pass the time waiting for your next flight while chilling at video game lounges.

5. This convenient apple tasting chart will help you sort apples based on their sweet versus tart flavoring.

6. This wristband will alert you if you’re too drunk to drive.


8. These bathroom sinks conveniently slope to accommodate people of all heights.

9. “My hotel room has a rope that turns on and off all the lights in the room.”

10. This pitcher has two compartments, one filled with ice in order to keep the beer in the second compartment nice and cold.

11. A UV index in the streets, so you can figure out just what sunblock to apply.

12. This shower temperature gauge

13. This pizza box is perforated and can be broken up into handy little plates to take with you on the go.

14. “Booking a hotel room and they give you the option of adding a dog. I like the look of the first one.”

15. If you want to charge your phone at the airport you’ll have to pedal for it. It’s not a bad way to burn a few calories while you’re in travel mode.

16. This crosswalk gives senior citizens extra time to cross the street

17. This airplane’s dreamy night sky will help induce some legit Zs as you calmly look at the “stars.”

18. What about a portable popcorn maker?

19. This store’s carts have an aisle directory on them, so you can locate your food & miscellaneous items quickly.






20. “This robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my hotel room in Cupertino.”


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