Inky the octopus successfully escaped captivity at a New Zealand aquarium after squeezing through a small opening in his tank, sliding across the floor, and finding a drain that dropped him right into the Pacific Ocean. Source

The holes in a Pop-Tart prevent steam from making it a soggy mess as it cooks. Source

Frank Sinatra could have been the lead in Die Hard. The film is based on a book that is technically the sequel to The Detective, a novel which was adapted into a film starring Sinatra in 1979. The studio had a contractual obligation to offer the role...

Colosso dell'Appennino was created in the 1500s by master sculptor Giambologna and still stands today in Florence Italy. This massive creation is actually a building and has rooms hidden inside that were once decorated with frescoes and geometric...

Despite the loss of her legs, Li Juhong has been a doctor in her Chinese village since 2001.
Li lost her legs when she was 4 years old, on her way to preschool. She ran into the road and got caught under the wheels of a truck.
Since her accident she...

Microsoft’s experimental chatbot turned into a Nazi in less than a day. ‘Tay’ was designed to interact with and learn from 18 to 24-year-olds on social media, but immediately had to be taken down because within 24 hours it tweeted “Hitler was right.”...

Over 5,000 Japanese children built a futuristic version of their country out of 1.8 million LEGO to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the blocks being introduced in Japan. Source Source 2

There’s a device called Soundlazer that can project audio to a specific location through a narrow, ultrasonic beam. If you used one, you could play a song for your friend across the room and have only them hear it. Source

There’s a spider that uses its gymnastics skills to cartwheel away whenever it senses danger. Source

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer and powdered gold. It is meant to embrace flaws and imperfections, and to treat breakage and repair as part of the beautiful history of an object rather than something to be...

The first woman to put her face on a product got trolled like crazy for being too ugly. When Lydia E. Pinkham used her own image to sell her apothecary products in the 1800s, she was mocked, labeled as ‘extremely unladylike,’ and men sent her nasty...

This wedding dress is actually a cake. It took over 300 hours for 3 expert cake artists to build the elaborate, 165-pound gown, which features edible details like skirt ruffles, intricate lace pieces, and silver beading. Source

The United States Senate has a desk
full of candy. Every few years the
‘Candy Desk’ is assigned to a different
senator, who is then in charge of always
keeping it fully-stocked with a variety
of goodies for members to eat. Source Source 2

The small Japanese island of Okunoshima used to be a chemical warfare testing site, but has since been taken over by hundreds of super-friendly rabbits. Source Source 2 Source 3
Tourists flock to Japan’s Rabbit Island just to be attacked by dozens of...

Yoshi’s real name is
T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas. Source

The white dots you can see while looking at a bright blue sky are actually your white blood cells bouncing around and moving across your retina. Source

Trees can get email in Australia. In 2013, trees were assigned email addresses by the city of Melbourne so its citizens could report potential problems, but people ended up writing thousands of love letters to their favorite trees instead....

Mary Krupa is a squirrel whisperer. She discovered her ability to make friends with the campus squirrels while attending Penn State University. After realizing they were friendly enough to let her pet them, she started making them tiny hats and...

Glitter is so unique that it can be effectively used as forensic evidence. Because there are thousands of different types of commercial glitters, any glitter particles found on a suspect can be compelling evidence that they were at a crime scene...

The most stressed out people on Earth are 18 to 33 years old. Source


Did you know?
The Tumbling spider is the reason flamethrowers were invented.

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