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Searching ‘241543903’ in 
Google Images shows you numerous 
photos of people sticking their 
heads inside freezers.This crazy meme began in 2009, when Tumblr artist David Horvitz posted random instructions to his followers. The number 241543903 was a combination of the serial number on his refrigerator, and the barcodes on a bag of edamame and a package of soba noodles he had in the freezer.Source All photos via Avax News

Lambert the lion is just like Linus 
from Charlie Brown: he always needs a 
blanket.Lambert had to be relocated from his ‘home’ after the man who purchased him realized he couldn’t properly care for him. He had acquired Lambert after taking his 2-year-old and 3-year-old kids to see the Lion King. They told him they wanted a Simba, so he went out and bought them one. Illegally. After 3 months, they decided to give him away, and he was eventually taken to the In-Sync Exotics rescue.When he arrived at his new enclosure, Lambert started pacing around, showing signs of anxiety. “We had heard from the previous owners that he slept in the bed with the grandfather.”“I started thinking, 'Okay, he’s used to being in a house, he’s used to sleeping in the bed with grandpa.’ So I got him a blanket, went into the enclosure and put the blanket in one of the corners. “He curled up on that blanket and he went right to sleep. Ever since then, I always give him a blanket.”And he always loooooves it.HT/ The Dodo   Photos via In-Sync Exotics

The ultra-rare Sumatran rhinoceros 
recently went dark for 40 years before 
finally being spotted again in Indonesia. 
Fewer than 100 of these extremely 
solitary animals are thought to exist. 
They only come together to breed, yet 
they’ve managed to hang around 
for centuries.  Source Source 2

Narcissists are more likely to 
enjoy watching sports, reality TV, 
and political talk shows.   Source

In the 1800s, the infamous Robert Liston 
performed what was dubbed ‘the only 
operation in history with a 300% 
mortality rate.’ He rushed through a leg 
amputation and failed to save his patient 
(who died of gangrene), then cut off the 
fingers of his assistant (who also died 
of gangrene), and slashed through the 
coat of a surgical spectator who was so 
terrified his vitals had been cut that he 
dropped dead from fright.    Source

If you have a hot temper, you could 
be suffering from cat rage. Scientists 
discovered toxoplasmosis, an infection
spread by cats that’s linked to various 
mental disorders, may have the potential 
to induce rage-like mood swings. One 
study showed some infected people 
were twice as likely to experience 
unreasonable outbursts of anger.  Source

Knowing more than one language 
keeps your brain young and forces 
it to be more flexible. Studies show 
degenerative disorders like 
Alzheimer’s and dementia are 
delayed by up to 5 years 
for bilingual people.  Source

There are pencils that turn into 
plants when you’re done using them. 

The ‘Sprout Pencil’ is the first sustainable pencil in the world that can be planted after use.

“We have chosen the seeds for our pencils with great care, and they germinate quickly: i.e. within 1-3 weeks, depending on the seed variety. Most plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors.” It’s made of natural materials: the body is cedar wood, and the “lead” is a mixture of clay and graphite.Sprout pencils are available in 22 varieties, including sunflower, mint, lavender, sage, forget-me-not, cherry tomato, sweet pea, cilantro, and wild strawberry.What to do“When the Sprout Pencil has become too short to write with, it is ready to be planted. Follow the simple instructions below and see your Sprout pencil sprout.”They are also available in the colored pencil variety, which makes me oh-so-happy! Source

There could be a permanent village on 
the moon by 2036. The European Space 
Agency plans to start building a lunar 
community in the next 20 years to 
establish a base for scientific research, 
though it could also be used for 
mining or tourist destinations.     Source

When depression-era farmwomen had 
to start using flour bags and feed sacks 
to make clothes for their families, 
manufacturers began making their bags 
out of brightly-colored and printed 
fabrics to boost sales and add a little 
flair to the common sack dress. Once the trend caught on to the point that manufacturers were confident it would stick, they started making fabrics in an even wider variety of patterns and colors:They even gave instructions on how to remove the ink, if you didn’t like the pattern:Source Photos and info via: Kindness Blog, My Old Kentucky Tales, 

You can get a free download of the 
software that created your favorite 
animated films. Pixar’s 3D RenderMan 
and the 2D animation standard Toonz 
are both available online, which allows 
you to start making your own CGI with 
the same tools that created Futurama, 
Spirited Away, and Up.  Source Source 2 Source 3

People with schizophrenia can 
tickle themselves. While it’s nearly 
impossible to surprise yourself with 
a tickle, a person with schizophrenic-like 
symptoms doesn’t have the cognitive 
processes that prevent you from 
distinguishing between your own 
actions, and those of other people - 
therefore allowing them to be 
surprised by the touch 
of their own hand.  Source

After a year of developing prototypes, 
artist Jon Almeda successfully created 
a teeny, tiny pottery wheel that allows 
him to spin clay into quaint little pots.

Almeda makes vases, bowls, decor, and even tea kettles that are small enough to sit atop a piece of Scotch tape.These pieces are sturdy enough to undergo standard glazing and firing, then transform into fully embellished ceramics.

JON ALMEDAWebsite | Facebook | Instagram


Having people touch a rough 
piece of sandpaper makes them 
feel more empathy, because people 
experiencing mild discomfort 
are better able to understand 
the suffering of others.  Source

You can help bring back the bees 
by tossing around seed bombs. 
Bee colonies are losing up to 90% 
of their population each year, but 
Seedles hopes to change that with 
non-invasive, native wildflower 
seed bombs that sprout when you 
toss them into a sunny area.  Source Source 2

Scientists have successfully 
edited HIV out of infected cells, 
each of which also became immune 
to future HIV infection. This new 
technological development means 
that instead of trying to manage 
the disease by blocking the 
infection of cells, it could be 
eradicated altogether.   Source  Source 2

J. K. Rowling posted her rejection 
letters on Twitter to inspire discouraged 
writers to keep going. The Harry Potter 
rejections were buried in her attic, so 
she posted more recent letters from 
submissions she made under her 
pen name, Robert Galbraith.  SourceTwitter link

Researchers studying the cause of 
addiction found that rats kept in 
solitary confinement were more likely 
to drink morphine-laced water than 
those that lived in the Rat Park. The 
lonely rats became addicted to the point 
of fatal overdose, while the social rats 
made use of running wheels and 
nesting areas, sought out positive 
life experiences, and preferred 
drinking regular water.“Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong… the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.”

Johann Hari ~ TED Talk


Laser hair removal in slow motion: 
Bursts of laser energy are absorbed by 
only the hair, which gets so damaged 
from being fried that the follicle is 
destroyed enough to prevent the 
hair from growing back.  Source

There’s a mystery inbox in Facebook 
that’s been hiding messages from you for 
years. Messages that don’t come from 
your friends are automatically filtered 
into the ‘message requests’ section, 
but there’s a 2nd inbox full of things 
you haven’t seen that can be accessed 
by selecting 'see filtered requests.’  Source



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