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The deep, infamous, super-creepy voice of Ghostface in all 4 Scream films was provided by voice actor Roger Jackson……who is also the voice of Mojo Jojo on the Powerpuff Girls.Source Source 2

An artist teamed up with a sound designer to turn songs into ceramic objects. After some experimentation with sound waves and a 3D printer, Ricky van Broekhoven and Olivier van Herpt successfully used noisescapes to make beautifully patterned objects that are a tangible representation of the audio that created them. All images via: Olivier van HerptSource   Source 2

You can get a phone case that has real flowers inside. All the botanicals are hand picked, dried, pressed into resin, and fashioned into clear phone cases, allowing you to enjoy nature and your social network at the same time. Source

Lilica the dog crushed her maternity photo shoot. Photographer Ana Paula Grillo captured all the shots in only 20 minutes because Lilica smiled for the camera and posed perfectly. She gave birth to her 5 puppies the very next day. Source Source 2

There’s a scented cup that tricks your brain into thinking regular water is actually flavored with citrus, apples, berries, peaches, or cola. The Right Cup was launched on Indiegogo in hopes that people will drink more water if it has an exciting taste. Source

‘Need-A-Mom’ is a service in New York City that pairs you with a mom who will iron your shirts, watch a movie with you if you’re feeling lonely, give you helpful advice, or be there for you 'when you need a mom, just not YOUR mom.’ Source

Carbs are important. A 2015 study over the low-carb/high-protein ‘Paleo diet’ theory found that our ancestors actually ate, and needed, a lot of carbs. Harvesting tubers required less energy than hunting meat, and eating their sugars and nutrients was critical in accelerating the growth of the human brain over the last million years. Source Source 2

Smell Dating is a service that matches you with people based on their B.O. to prevent prejudices from getting in the way of your ancient instincts of attraction. Participants wear the same shirt, without deodorant, for 3 days, mail it in, and then receive shirt samples from others. When 2 people jive with each other’s scent, they’re paired up as a match. Source

Ever since the day Steve Greig went to a shelter and brought home the dog with the least chance of being adopted, he continues to take in elderly animals that would have been euthanized. So far he’s collected 10 dogs, several cats, 2 ducks, some pigeons and chickens, and an old pig named Bikini. SourceHAPPY PET DAY, TUMBLR!

Hungarian chef Judit Czinkné Poór turns ordinary cookies into edible works of art by using icing to make unique designs and portraits. Source Source 2 Source 3

Scotland now generates over half its electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar power. The goal is for the entire country to stop depending on fossil fuels and produce 100% of its annual electricity needs with renewable resources by 2030. Source Source 2

Photographer James Mollison created a series called ‘Where Children Sleep’ that features portraits of kids around the world paired with the vastly different environments they sleep in. Source Source 2Her mother spends $1,000 a month on frilly dresses.He sleeps outside with his father’s herd of goats.These portraits and many more can be viewed on James Mollison’s website, or in the book ‘Where Children Sleep.’

This is what peacock feathers look like under a microscope. Source   Source 2  Photos by Waldo Nell, via Mental_floss 

Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood is used to save a life. The program hopes to recruit and retain more donors by highlighting their importance and getting them excited about making a difference. Source Source 2

A water wheel in Baltimore has removed over 313 tons of trash from the Inner Harbor. In just 18 months,‘Mr Trash Wheel’ successfully cleaned more than 6 million cigarette butts, 200,000 plastic bottles, 255,000 Styrofoam containers, 173,000 chip bags, and 4,000 glass bottles out of the city’s notoriously polluted river.Mr. Trash Wheel has a lot of work to do.EEEEEW. Mr. Trash Wheel also has a Twitter account.And a sense of humor. And a pretty nice view… … thanks to himself.Source Source 2

Writing things by hand jumpstarts your brain, improves your spelling, allows you to think faster, and helps you to better remember newly-learned information. Source

There’s an official YouTube page for Bob Ross where you can watch the first 10 seasons of The Joy of Painting in their entirety. Source Source 2❤️ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍  MY HEART!   ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ 

Flocks of birds, no matter how large, are never led by a single individual. The movement is collectively controlled by each bird reacting almost simultaneously to the slightest change of direction by another flock member, as if they are of one mind. Source Source 2 Source 3

There are forks, spoons, and chopsticks you can eat after you’re done with your meal. The edible utensils are made from wheat, millet, and rice flours, come in plain, sweet, and savory flavors, and are waste and chemical-free. Source Source 2

Coronal loops are structured arcs of glowing, electrified plasma that flow along the powerful, curved, magnetic fields above the Sun’s surface. This one is roughly 4 times the size of Earth. Source Source 2 Source 3


Did you know that the edible forks, spoons, and chopsticks was posted twice and hard to swallow?


did you know?

This is just a bunch of random statements prefaced by the words “did you know?”

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