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Vegetables grown in Alaska become 
gigantic because they receive up to 
20 hours of sunlight per day during 
the summer months.  SourcePhoto: Clark James Mishler/Courtesy of Alaska State Fair

Ancient Egyptians were using 
20-sided die as early as 200 BCE.  Source

Every time a baby girl is born 
in the Indian village of Piplantri, 
the residents come together 
to plant 111 trees in her honor.  Source Source 2 Source 3

The evolution of Wonder Woman’s 
costumes from 1941 through 2016.  Source

There’s a Japanese girl band called 
KBG84 that’s made up of about 40 
grandmas. While the ‘84’ signifies 
their average age, some of them 
are nearly 100 years old.  Source

This is how drastically 
a river can change its course 
over a 28-year period.  Source

The ‘Museum of Failed Products’ 
in Ann Arbor, MI, contains thousands 
of old products that tanked within 
months of their release. The shelves 
are basically a graveyard for bad 
products, like Clairol’s A Touch of 
Yogurt shampoo, Gillette’s For Oily Hair 
Only, and caffeinated beer.  Source Source 2Photos: CBS News

There’s a rescue group called 
SpokAnimal that finds jobs for stray 
cats. Their ‘Farm Livin’ program helps 
unadoptable or problematic cats escape 
euthanasia by pairing them with farm or
warehouse owners that are in need of a 
good 'mouse manager.’  Source Source 2

China used more cement between 
2011 and 2013 than the United States 
did during the entire 20th century. That’s right, the entire 20th century. The same century in which America built the Hoover Dam and the Interstate Highway System.    Source

This is not a spiral. It’s actually a 
series of concentric circles, but their 
decreasing size and the misalignment 
of the checkered patterns convinces 
your brain otherwise.  Source

Trace the circles with your mouse cursor if you’re having trouble seeing it.More examples of ‘The Fraser spiral illusion.’

British artist Jeremy May turns books 
into one-of-a-kind, wearable art pieces 
by layering and laminating their pages
to create uniquely-shaped bracelets, 
rings, earrings, and pendants.  Source Source 2Literary Jewels by Jeremy May

Dolphins will talk to one another 
over the phone and can even 
recognize each other’s voices……which means they know who you are, and they’re always watching.


Researchers developed a transparent 
wood that could one day replace 
glass windows with material that 
never cracks or shatters.  Source Source 2

Photographer Wayne MacWilliams was 
black water diving one night and caught 
a rare glimpse of a tiny fish hanging out 
inside a translucent sea creature. MacWilliams was black water diving off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, during a late night adventure. Black water diving is basically just drifting in the pitch-black ocean at night. You aren’t aware of your surroundings because the only light you see comes from strobes.“I was drifting, at night in pitch black, it was really fun as you just do not know what will come your way. It may be a bit intimidating, it can be very spooky the first time you do it because it is jet black with no bottom to speak of.These beautiful creatures are interesting, bizarre, to say the least, and pretty foreign to me. I have done this type of diving a couple times and plan on doing more.My interest really lies in the capturing of images that capture my attention. If it is pretty or interesting or simply provokes some kind of emotion for me, I will take the shot.”Source Source 2

Thanks to the Superhero Cyborgs 
program, 10-year-old Jordan Reeves 
was able to create her own prosthetic 
arm: a glitter cannon she named 
Project Unicorn. The program teams 
kids up with engineers who encourage 
them to think of their missing limbs 
as blank canvases.   Source

Due to a lot of crappy things 
happening on April 15th, like 
tax day, Abraham Lincoln getting 
assassinated, and the Titanic sinking, 
it has become informally known as 
National That Sucks Day.  Source

A 1,500-year-old mummy recently 
discovered in Mongolia was wearing 
a pair of shoes that look a lot like
Adidas sneakers.

NASA has released nearly 3 million 
satellite images of Earth into public 
domain. The photos were taken by the 
Terra spacecraft, which has orbited 
the planet since 1999, and all of its data 
is now available for public use.  Source Source 2Kondyor Massif, Russia/

Namib-Naukluft National Park 

Great Wall of China/San Francisco:

Great Blue Hole, Beliz:Hugli River Delta, India/Altuvian fan, chinaMonument Valley, UtahSt. Anthony’s Monastery, Egypt/ParisNicaragua’s Momotombo volcano eruption in March 2016. The hot lava is displayed in yellow:

There’s a cat in Tokyo that rides 
the subway on a regular basis. 
Multiple passengers have tweeted 
photos of what appears to be the 
same cat riding the rails since 2013.  Source

The continents can be rearranged to form the shape of a chicken.  Source




The picture of apartments in China is of Hong Kong and each <2,000sqft apartment there costs upwards of USD4,000,000. I don't live like that, LOL. I have a garden and a pool.

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