Artist and registered nurse Katherine Dey makes grotesquely realistic cakes to create a conflict of the senses. She loves the uncanny feeling that comes from seeing something that doesn’t look delicious, but is, combined with something that looks very real, but isn’t. SourcePhotos: Katherine Dey Art

Dogs feel vulnerable when they poop, so they look to their owners for protection - which usually results in awkward staring. Source

Comedian Scott Rogowsky created a series of fake book covers, took them on the subway just to mess with people, and recorded their reactions. Memorable titles include: ‘Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide,’ 'Slut-Shaming Your Baby,’ 'Mein Kampf for Kids,’ and 'Definitely Not Porn.' Source   Source 2   Source 3

Someone invented a bike that looks like a car. Mikael Kjellman wanted protection from the elements while riding during Sweden’s winters, so he invented the PodRide, it went viral, and his Indiegogo campaign blew past its goal in no time. Source

This is a photo of the Endeavor space shuttle as it breaks through the clouds on its final flight. A tilt-shifted version of the photo made people think it was a hoax, but a lucky airplane passenger managed to catch similar shots through her window and posted them to Twitter. Source Source 2 Source 3NASA’s photo:Altered image, unknown source:Taken by airplane passenger Stefanie Gordon:

If you’re in bed a lot, you might be lonely. Studies suggest that lonely people spend more time in their beds, even though they have trouble sleeping. Chronic loneliness can cause insomnia, as well as the need to get in bed without feeling tired.  Source  Source 2

Any time a nice, roomy shell washes ashore, hermit crabs gather round, feel each other up, make a line from biggest to smallest, and fight each other for the best upgrade. Source


Prince changed his hairstyle about 36 times between 1978 and 2013. SourceImages by Gary Card

There are ‘dementia villages’ in Europe that are only for the elderly. They have a secured perimeter but feel like a normal environment so patients can safely roam the grocery store, restaurants, cafes, and gardens without feeling locked down or confused. Source

Omo is an extremely rare white giraffe in Tanzania. She’s now old enough to avoid the threat of lions and hyenas but faces the risk of being taken down as a rare prize for hunters and poachers. Source

When you smell the familiar scent of crayons, you’re actually smelling the pungent aroma of beef fat. Stearic acid,  a processed beef fat, gives crayons their smooth consistency, creates their  unmistakable odor, and is essentially the only main ingredient that separates them from candles. Source

There’s a ‘death watch’ that calculates your life expectancy and counts down the time you have left until you die. The inventor hopes it will cause people to make the most of the time they have left, be more aware of their choices, and live their lives to the fullest. Source

As part of a social experiment to explore bias, 6 photographers took portraits of the same actor, who gave them each a different backstory about himself. The results showed how ‘a photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what is in front of it.' RECOVERING ALCOHOLICPhoto by:  Chris Meredith LIFE SAVERPhoto by: Franky Tsang EX-CONVICT Kate Disher-Quill SELF-MADE MILLIONAIREPhoto by:  Tristan Stefan Edouard COMMERCIAL FISHERMANPhoto by:  Jin Lim PSYCHICPhoto by: Lyndal Irons  Source Source 2

Glass Gem is a unique strain of corn with kernels that look like pieces of rainbow-colored glass. SourceCarl Barnes, an Oklahoma farmer, started growing older corn varieties to connect with his Cherokee heritage. He isolated ancestral strains Native American tribes lost in the 1800s when they were relocated to Oklahoma.Soon he began exchanging ancient corn seed with growers from all over the country, while simultaneously saving and replanting seeds from the most colorful cobs.This eventually resulted in rainbow-colored corn.When the rainbow corn mixed with the traditional varieties it created new strains, displaying more vibrant colors and patterns over time.Glass Gem is a flint corn, so it isn’t really eaten off the cob. It’s usually ground into cornmeal and used in tortillas or grits, but it can also be used to make popcorn.If you love corn and rainbows, seeds can be purchased online for about $7.95.

The Voynich Manuscript is the world’s most secretive book. It’s dated to the 15th century and contains an unknown writing system that even renowned cryptographers have never deciphered. Illustrations in the book suggest it may cover topics like herbal remedies, biology, astronomy, and the zodiac, but no one knows for sure what it really is. Source

When Beyonce was managed by her father, he made her run a mile while singing so that she could perform on stage without getting exhausted.Source

Lowering the pitch of your voice in the first few seconds of an interaction can help you influence others. Source

Photographer Vincenzo Valerio has been exploring the borders of Europe since 2007. So far, he’s documented 16,500 miles of borders between 26 countries in order to show the world what peaceful, free, and open borders look like. Source © VALERIO VINCENZOWebsite | Facebook | Twitter

There’s a map called ‘I Was Here’ that lets you scratch off the countries you’ve visited so you can have a poster-size chronicle your travels. Source

British artist Bruce Munro installs thousands of light stems topped with frosted glass spheres in fields and deserts around the world. His ‘Field of Light’ series was inspired by his interest in the shared human experience and by feeling connected to the heat and energy of desert landscapes. Source Source 2 Source 3


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