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The Brazil Open tennis tournament used 4 trained shelter dogs to serve as the ball boys during an exhibition match to bring awareness to Brazil’s street animals, promote their adoption, and show that well-fed and well-treated animals can be very happy.  Source  Source 2Photos: Associated Press

For his photo project ‘3 Glasses,’ photographer Marcos Alberti took 4 portraits of his subjects: one before, and one after each of 3 successive glasses of wine. Source There is a saying about wine that I really like and it’s something like this “The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love, and the third glass is about mayhem.” I really wanted to see it for myself if that affirmation was in fact true. Marcos Alberti Photography

People over 40 perform better with a 3-day work week. A study of men and women aged 40+ found that working about 25 hours a week had a positive impact on cognitive ability, but exceeding 25 hours or not working at all led to a steady decline in cognitive function. Source Source 2

Anthony Howe creates kinetic sculptures that use the power of wind to transform themselves and transfix your eyes. Source Source 2

You can tell the difference between hot and cold water just by listening to it. Try it for yourself here: are 4 sounds about halfway down the page, 2 hot and 2 cold. Don’t look at the screen while listening though, because text pops up near the progress bar and gives it away.Source

President Theodore Roosevelt had Abraham Lincoln’s hair with him when he was sworn into office. During his 2nd  inauguration in 1905, Roosevelt wore a ring containing strands of Lincoln’s hair, which a doctor had cut from his head on the night of his assassination. Source Source 2John Hay, who became Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, sent him the ring along with a note that said, “Please wear it tomorrow; you are one of the men who most thoroughly understand and appreciate Lincoln.”He wrote back, “Dear John, Surely no other President, on the eve of his inauguration, has ever received such a gift from such a friend. I am wearing the ring now; I shall think of it and you as I take the oath tomorrow.”Roosevelt had always felt a connection to Lincoln. Maybe because he was also at his funeral procession when he was a little boy…

When you’re holding a gun, you see other guns - even if they aren’t there, and especially if you’re a gun owner. A study showed video gamers and gun owners were more likely to perceive shoes and other objects as guns while holding a real gun themselves. Gun owners however, saw more imaginary guns whether the gun they were holding was real or not. Source  Source 2 

There’s a street artist known only as Biancoshock that creates tiny little rooms inside Romania’s abandoned manholes. He hopes it will bring awareness to the growing homeless population in Bucharest, where over 600 people live in the sewers. Source Source 2

There’s stardust at the bottom of the ocean. Remnants of shattered stars from millions of years ago float around the sea floor like telescopic time machines, allowing scientists to investigate the explosions that first made Earth’s climate livable. Source

Stephen Hawking threw a party for time-travelers on June 28, 2009. His invitations were sent out the next day, but nobody showed up. This, he claims, is experimental evidence that proves time travel is not possible. Source

When China’s canola fields bloom in March and April, over 3,000 acres of landscape is decorated by a blanket of yellow, with bare hills peeking out through the golden sea of blossoming rapeseed flowers. Source Source 2Photo: oddities123Photos: discoverchinatoursPhoto: chinatouradvisorsPhoto: ImgurPhoto: Chan Srithaweeporn

Larry Flynt has been protesting the US government since 1983 by sending a monthly copy of Hustler magazine to each member of Congress. Though legal action was taken against him in 1984, the courts ruled the deliveries as fair under the First Amendment, and congresspeople still receive a porno mag in their mailboxes every month. Source

A bunch of bulldozers got into a street fight in China. A recent drop in China’s construction boom has led to such high tensions that an argument between 2 competing companies escalated into a full-on, 6-bulldozer brawl. Source

There’s a vending machine in France that gives out free short stories instead of junk food. French publishing company Short Édition’s machines print out 1, 3, and 5-minute stories at the touch of a button so people will be encouraged to enrich their minds while waiting around instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media on their phones. Source Source 2

A quadriplegic man in Ohio was able to use his hand again because of a tiny chip implanted in his brain.  24-year-old Ian Burkhart was seriously injured in a diving accident that left him paralyzed from the elbows down.Photo: Ian Burkhardt/BBCNow, 6 years after his accident, he’s able to use his hand again for the first time.It didn’t come easy, though. He compares his earliest trials to a 7-hour exam that left him “completely and mentally fatigued and exhausted”.Photo: Ohio State University/Batelle/BBC“You really have to break down each part of that motion and think about it in a more concentrated way. For the first 19 years of my life it was something I definitely took for granted.”Photo: Ohio State University/Batelle/BBCSource

After she was bullied by classmates, 9-year-old Milla Star Bizzotto ran 36 miles, swam over 5 miles, and overcame 25 obstacles in a 24-hour endurance race designed by Navy SEALs just so she could silence her critics and ‘show other kids that they can do or be anything they want.’ Source Source 2 Milla told the Miami Herald:  “I don’t want to play video games. I don’t want to Hoverboard. I don’t want to do things to make life easier. I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have one body and it’s all I want and all I love.”“People would call me names and say I wasn’t a good player. I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I want to set an example and show other kids that they can do or be anything they want.” “I want to inspire a generation. I don’t get bullied anymore. I know how to stand up for myself now. And I love what I do. I want to do it forever.”

You can recycle cigarettes through a free program offered by Terracycle. Music strings, pens and markers, energy bar wrappers, chip bags, drink pouches, toothpaste tubes, and electronic waste can also be recycled by printing a free shipping label through the company. Source

People over 40 perform better with a 3-day work week. A study of men and women aged 40+ found that working about 25 hours a week had a positive impact on cognitive ability, but exceeding 25 hours or not working at all led to a steady decline in cognitive function. Source Source 2

Comedian Scott Rogowsky created a series of fake book covers, took them on the subway just to mess with people, and recorded their reactions. Memorable titles include: ‘Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide,’ 'Slut-Shaming Your Baby,’ 'Mein Kampf for Kids,’ and 'Definitely Not Porn.' Source   Source 2   Source 3

One year of American driving is more dangerous than the Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq war, the War in Afghanistan, the War of 1812, and the American Revolution combined. That’s the equivalent of 4 airliner crashes per week, while the actual number of plane crash deaths on American soil from 2001-2015 is only 442. Source

You can charge your phone with fire. The FlameStower transfers the heat from campfires, grills, or any open flame to a generator, a water reservoir keeps the opposite side of the generator cool, and the temperature difference produces electricity that can charge any USB device. Source Source 2 Source 3

There’s a ‘vampire’ hedgehog that’s killing it on Instagram. Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, aka 'Huff’, loves getting his picture taken, but it’s probably because he always gets wax worms out of it.  Before Huff was adopted by student Carolyn Parker, his previous owner treated him badly. “A lot of people in Utah struggle with seasonal depression-including myself.“ “I started the account because I wanted to share something that made me happy with other people.”“Huff comes off as being grumpy and “huffy” but is really lovable and cuddly on the inside.” “I think that’s why there is such a large fan base for hedgehogs…because a lot of people can relate.” HufftheHedgehog Instagramh/t Bored Panda



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