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Many companies in the UK offer 
‘pawternity leave’ so employees can 
have paid time off when their pets need 
more attention or have health issues.

Coca-Cola struck a blow for civil rights 
in 1964  when few of Atlanta’s elite 
would not RSVP for Martin Luther King’s 
Nobel Peace Prize banquet. When the 
company threatened to move their 
business elsewhere, the event sold 
out almost immediately.  Source

The most successful pirate in history 
was a Chinese prostitute. Cheng I Sao 
commanded 80,000 sailors and a fleet 
bigger than most country’s navies, which 
is why the government had to give up 
and offer her a truce. She retired with 
her loot, opened a gambling house, and 
later died, peacefully, a 69-year-old 
grandmother.  Source

In 1955, Hugh Hefner published a short 
story in Playboy about a heterosexual 
man being persecuted in a world where 
homosexuality was the norm. After 
receiving many angry letters, he 
responded to the criticism with, “if it 
was wrong to persecute heterosexuals 
in a homosexual society, then the 
reverse was wrong too.“  Source Source 2


Dwayne Johnson made a motivational 
alarm clock app. The ‘Rock Clock’ doesn’t 
have a wimpy snooze button, but has 
messages from The Rock himself to help 
get you out of bed in the morning. You 
can also sync your alarm to his sleeping 
schedule if you like waking up at 4am.  Source

The Twitter account ‘50 Nerds of Grey’ 
creates humorous tweets that combine 
nerd culture with dirty lines from the 
best-selling erotic novel.  Source

Derek Amato dove into a shallow 
swimming pool and emerged a musical 
genius. He’d sustained a major 
concussion and became a fantastic piano 
player due to a condition called ‘sudden 
savant syndrome.’ He can’t read music or 
play 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,’ but he 
improvises beautiful melodies and 
constantly sees music streaming 
in front of his eyes.  Source Source 2

When you can’t sleep on your first night 
in a new place, your brain is trying to 
protect you. Many animals sleep with 
only half their brain, while the other 
half stays alert to possible dangers. It’s 
called the ‘first night effect’ in humans, 
because our bodies put us in a strange, 
half-asleep/half-awake state the first 
time we sleep in an unfamiliar 
environment.  Source

There’s a 300-page book called 
‘A Void’ that was written without ever 
using the letter 'e.’ The original is 
French, but there are over a dozen 
versions in different languages written 
by translators who also managed to 
compose them without using the most 
common letter of the alphabet.  Source

Spiders look a lot bigger if you fear 
them. Studies show that people have 
no trouble estimating the size of 
butterflies, birds, or even potentially 
dangerous wasps, but spiders 
consistently appear much larger to 
arachnophobes than they do to those 
who may find them unpleasant, but 
aren’t afraid of them.  Source Source 2

Julien Knez brings the past to the future
by placing photos of Paris from the 
19th and 20th centuries against their 
modern-day counterparts to reflect on 
how much the city has changed, yet 
still remains familiar. Jardin du Luxembourg, 1895The Moulin Rouge, 1900Riverside booksellers, Quai de Conti, 1900Arc de Triomphe, 1909“Odéon” Station. Passengers traveled by boat when the metro tracks were flooded in January 1910.

River Seine, Notre-Dame, 1930Le Printemps, Boulevard Haussmann, 1930Adolf Hitler standing at the the Place de l’Opéra on June 23, 1940, the day after Germany established occupation of France. 

Two friends celebrating the liberation of Paris at Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, in August 1944.Notre-Dame, 1944h/t: My Modern MetSource: Julien Knez Twitter

The inventor of the K-cup, John Sylvan, 
wishes he’d never come up with the idea because they are so wasteful.According to the Atlantic, if all the K-cups that were sold in 2014 were laid end to end, it would be enough to circle the Earth more than 10 times.Photo:“I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it.” Photo:“It’s like a cigarette for coffee, a single-serve delivery mechanism for an addictive substance. I don’t have one. They’re kind of expensive to use … plus it’s not like drip coffee is tough to make.“Source

The inside of an Etch a Sketch is 
mostly aluminum dust that forms a 
coating on the underside of the screen, 
and a metal pin that scrapes the dust 
away when you turn the knobs.
  Source Source 2

Guillaume Dumas went to multiple 
Ivy League schools for free.  SourceHappy National Teacher Day! Make sure your students are your students.

Studies continue to suggest that 
antibacterial soaps have horrible side 
effects and very few benefits. The 
soaps can actually increase the risk 
of infection, make bacteria resistant 
to antibiotics, and contain harsh 
chemicals we’re washing down the 
drain and into the ecosystem.  Source

If you’ve forgotten your glasses and 
are having trouble reading this, you 
can use your hands to help clear your 

Source Source 2

Self-taught photographer Peter 
Adams-Shawn carefully positions his 
subjects to capture ‘eyescapes’ and 
'ringscapes’ that reflect the bride and 
groom, their families, and special 
moments from their wedding day.   Source

The infamous horse head from The 
Godfather was completely real.  Note: I’ve seen another fact regarding the horse head floating around that’s worth mentioning. It goes something like “John Marley’s scream in The Godfather horse scene was authentic because he was not informed beforehand that a real horse head would be used.” Pretty powerful ‘fact.’ Too bad there’s no proof of this.In case you’ve seen it too, I wanted you to know that I’ve found zero sources that can provide any evidence of this being true. It’s bouncing around all over reddit and fact websites, but I’ve not found a single valid source of the actor or a crew member recounting this as a fact. If you find one, send it my way.Source Source 2

Australian pineapplefish look just 
like real pineapples. Unfortunately 
their coloring is terrible camouflage, 
so they have to spend their days 
hiding in the shadows, and people 
rarely get to see them.  Source Source 2Photo: Wikipedia/Hectonichus

Photo: underwatersydney




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