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cRUvTLT[1]A lion, tiger, and bear have been living as BFFs at a Georgia refuge for over a decade. In 2001, they were rescued from a basement during a drug raid, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Source

The Verrückt in Kansas City, KS, is the tallest water slide in the world. You have to climb 264 steps to reach the top, which is 17 stories high. Source Source 2 Source 3When Dennis Williams was accidentally caught in a random group text by complete strangers who were about have their baby, he explained the situation, asked for their room number, picked up a gift for the baby, went to the hospital, and visited them anyway. SourceYour general level of curiosity depends on how much you’ve already learned. Studies show people are more likely to be curious of things they know a little about than they are something they know nothing about, or think they know a lot about. SourceThere’s a flat-cushion sofa that can be folded into any shape you want. It can be a couch, a chair, a bed, or you can fold yourself into a taco. SourcePhotojournalist Jorge Saenz uses toy dinosaurs to create a unique travelogue he calls ‘Dinodinaseries.’ SourceLay your arm on a flat surface and push your thumb and pinky together. If you don’t see a raised band across your wrist, you are a product of evolution. If you do, you’ve got a useless extra muscle in your arm that is slowly being erased from our genetic code. SourceThere were real life ‘Hobbit people’ living on an Indonesian island 18,000 years ago. Fully-grown adults were only about 3 feet tall. Studies show they were likely a result of insular dwarfism, where species trapped on an island shrink in size. The same island was also once inhabited by miniature elephants. SourceBefore mechanical clocks, people used candle clocks. Consistently spaced markings indicated the passage of time as the candle melted so people could tell time indoors or at night when the sun wasn’t visible. SourceA candle clock could also be used as a timer by sticking a heavy nail into the candle, which would clatter onto the plate below when the wax around it melted.On the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen, sitting 427 feet inside a mountain, is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which holds over 850,000 copies of seeds from across the planet in case of global catastrophe. SourceWatching Spongebob Squarepants when you were a kid may have damaged your brainpower. A study found that watching just 9 minutes of Spongebob had an immediate influence on kids, attention, memory, and problem solving skills. SourceThe ‘cool kids’ in school are more likely to end up with drug, alcohol, and relationship problems. Studies show popular kids who try to act older in middle and high school are seen by their peers as immature and less socially competent by the time they are 22. It’s called the 'high school reunion effect’ because people often show up to their class reunions to find a lot of the popular kids aren’t doing so well. SourceIn ancient times, people believed hares were hermaphrodites that could give birth without compromising their virginity. This idea led to an association with the Virgin Mary, and that’s why we have bunnies at Easter. SourceLeonardo Da Vinci was dyslexic, ambidextrous, and predominantly left handed, which allowed him to draw with one hand while writing backward with the other. This produced a mirror-image script around the drawings of his inventions that other people had trouble reading, just as he’d intended.  SourceThere’s a pot that senses light, moisture, temperature and fertilizer levels for your plant, then sends alerts through its companion app if anything is needed. The pot contains a database of 8,000 different plants, which you can keep watered by filling its 2-liter tanks. Source

How animals see the world: Source Source 2 Source 3Noela Rukundo crashed her own funeral. It surprised a lot of people, especially her husband, who had mistakenly paid friends of her brother to have her killed. Instead, they took his money, gave her a cell phone, tape recordings, and receipts of the transaction, and let her go. When she showed up 5 days later, he thought she was a ghost. Source Source 2Artist Thomas Dambo has created over 3,500 birdhouses from recycled materials and mixed them into urban landscapes to acknowledge the role of birds in cities and give them an easy place to live. Source Source 2One of the 6 men sent to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand threw a bomb and missed, so he immediately tried to kill himself by taking a cyanide pill and jumping in the river. Because the pill only made him vomit and the river was just 5 inches deep, he managed to fail at murder and suicide all in the same day. SourceIn an effort to not be outdone by last years ‘presidential man buns’ Photoshop craze, the Internet created 'presidential candidates with beards.’ Source Photographs by Gage Skidmore | Artwork by Hrach Drambyan Photograph by Marc Nozell (L) and Gage Skidmore ® | Artwork by Hrach Drambyan Photographs by Gage Skidmore | Artwork by Hrach Drambyan



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