“We got these giant screws in at work today for mounting solar panels.”

 “The fog during my flight makes Illinois seem like it hasn’t rendered.”

 “This reflective jacket that completely lights up when you take a photo of it with flash.”

“This golden record/rocket pizza cutter.”

 “An insect got stuck between the printer and the pillowcase.”

 “Penny from 1857 I Found in My Change Today”

“This bakery In Mallorca has a glass floor where you can see the bakers working.”

 “How the cactus scratched my fence in the wind last night.”

10. “In New Zealand the police are offering free gift wrapping for Christmas this year.”

“They have pet carts in grocery stores in Italy.”

 “This Viennese bank plan looks like the Millenium Falcon.”

“Old screw pump being removed from our sewage treatment plant.”

 “This muffin I got that looks like a duckling with a hat when flipped.”

“What it looks like when a cat licks cheese.”

 “This shop has glass bricks and a glass panelled door.”

 “A duck walked into my Chemistry class.”

 “The detail left in my skin from sleeping on my headphones.”

“This tabby cat’s tail end is orange colored.”

“This “finger” made by my coffee maker.”

“This wood post looks like an anxious cat..”

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