1. “My friend came over today and practiced his henna skills on me.”

2. “This birch tree in my neighborhood looks like an annoyed cyclops.”

3. “I’ve had this can of old bay so long that the years on the label changed.”

4. “Today I found out there’s a possum living in my tree!”

5. “A rabbit made from scrap metal in Porto.”

6. “Dinosaur Park in my hometown looks eerie.”

7. “In Finnish libraries, you can borrow ukuleles with your library card.”

8. “I found a old ww2 map in my grandpas war duffel bag and had it framed for him.”

9. “This Saguaro Cactus in the middle of the street.”

10. “A single rain drop landed perfectly in the middle of my watch.”

11. “This bike lane in my city keeps score of how many people use it.”

12. The wasp nest, in a nutshell.

13. “I watched an eastern painted turtle dig a nest and lay 5 eggs by my apartment.”

14. “My misprinted lego piece.”

15. “This giant vault inside a Target.”

16. “This misprint penny.”

17. “The sun shining through my fish tank aligned perfectly on each knob.”

18. “This ocean-tumbled brickwork.”

19. “My nail polish chipped into the profile of a man.”

20. “A pilot drew a smiley face in the sky over our house today to help lift spirits during lockdown.”


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