“This KFC underneath a relic Soviet sculpture in Minsk, Belarus.”

 “Caught this Gold Finch in mid-air.”

“This rock my sisters and I put between these tree limbs 10 ish years ago.”

“Found my old GameBoy and its case (which was a giant GameBoy) while cleaning my room.”

“Two long fruit loops I found with a normal one for comparison.”

This box pretending to contain boring flour so that it doesn’t get stolen.

Kid playing tic tac toe with their mail carrier.

“The candles on my buddies cake had different colored flames.”

“Lightning strike outside our house after a big thunderstorm. It created 8 inch holes in the sidewalk and turned the concrete into chunks of glass.”

You can tell which outlets were used most after years of sun.

“I work at an asparagus farm and sometimes 2 asparagus will grow too close to one another and form a bigger one.”

“The skeleton key that unlocks the door to my room (house was built in 1901)”


 This Multi-tool Llama.

“Heart shaped rock with coral arteries found at the beach.”

“I saw a tree with a face mask the other day.”

“This little weed I found that looks like a bonsai.”

“My class left space for the gutter margin in the yearbook.”

The face in this tree.

The way these caterpillars are eating this leaf.

“I saw a blue slug yesterday.”

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