20 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

20 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

1. A dance until you drop contest in the US in 1947. You danced until you couldn’t stand anymore and were eliminated if your knees touched the ground.

2. Beauty Masks in England in 1932.

3. Cutting and packing beef in Germany in 1908.

4. Ladies wear special container hats during a Tupperware party in the US in 1950.

5. People in the Semana Santa festival in Spain in 1960.

6. A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “home” while living in a residence for disturbed children in Warsaw, Poland in 1948.

7. A promotional picture for the 1967 film “Planet of the Female Invaders”.

8. A robot answering machine in the US in 1944.

9. A German soldier goofing off in 1939.

10. A picture of model Shirley Ann Bridgeford taken by her eventual killer Harvey Glatman in San Diego, CA, US in 1958. He took numerous pictures of her and 2 other victims, Judy Ann Dull and Ruth Mercado, tied up before he tortured and killed them. These pictures are easily found online.

11. Famous freak show performer Myrtle Corbin, who was born with 2 pelvises and 2 sets of legs, with her husband and daughter in the US in 1898.

12. A suspected Viet Cong woman is questioned by a South Vietnamese officer while an American soldier holds a gun to her head in 1968.

13. Lon Chaney Sr in his costume as a clown for the film “Laugh, Clown, Laugh” in 1928.

14. The execution of female guards of the Stutthof concentration camp near the Free City of Danzig in modern Poland in 1946.

15. A kid plays with a toy gun in Pittsburgh, US in 1950.

16. A model has a device on her head that helps to correct the application of make-up while the inventor, Max Factor, shows her how to use it in Poland in 1930.

17. 3 High flying circus acrobats pose for a picture in costume in Germany in 1884. One is dressed as a woman and would pretend to be one during the performance showing surprising strength.

18. A winner of the game of Palo Encebado in Mexico in 1920.

19. 3 Students picketing against integrating Clinton High School in Tennessee, US in 1956. It’s ironic the young man on the right can’t spell.

20. A bullet proof vest, helmet and goggles in France in 1930.

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