20 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

20 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

1. Anti-freckle treatment in the US in 1933.

2. This is the Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-in that occurred in Jackson, Mississippi in 1963 to protest a white-only diner. Notice 2 of the 3 people being harassed are in fact white.

3. This staged picture, which is part of a set, shows a young girl sleeping with a version of the boogie man about to wake her up in the US in 1931.

4. A man dressed as the king of billiards with his 2 sons dressed as the cue ball and 8 ball in Russia in 1886.

5.  Men dressed as Mickey Mouse in Paris, France in 1932.

6. A crowd gathers to watch the hanging of Murderous Mary in Erwin, Tennessee, US in 1916. A little hard to tell, but Mary is in the center of the photo, and is in fact a circus elephant. After years of abuse, she killed her trainer, and the population nearby to the circus at the time decided to have the poor creature hanged.

7. A promotional picture for the film “Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages”, which was a 1922 Swedish-Danish silent film.

8. An Inuit Shaman working with a sick boy in Alaska in 1892.

9. A boy rides a man dressed as a demon for the Krampus Parade in Austria in 1954.

10. This is the American Nazi Party rally that occurred at Madison Square Gardens in NYC, US in 1939. Notice how many average Americans are doing the Nazi solute. Apparently some 22,000 people showed up for this rally.

11. Students wear masks for Pink Floyds The Wall in 1982.

12. A mother from the tribe Mangbetu holds her son whom has an elongated skull due to head binding in the Congo in 1950.

13. 2 People get married at Miyakejima Island, Japan in 2000. The island is full of toxic gas from high level of volcanic activity, and most of the 3,600 people had to evacuate earlier that year. These people however, stayed for that special day. (not that old a picture, but way too good not to add)

14. A young Fidel Castro (with the lollypop) poses with his friends in Santiago, Cuba in 1940.

15. A woman shepherds her herd at the abandoned Park of Palazzo Orsini in Bomarzo, Italy, in 1952.

16. 2 Nazi soldiers pose with a man in a polar bear costume in Germany in 1940. The unofficial polar bear mascot was pictured with random people in Germany from around 1900-1960s.

17. A young girl stands near live Alligators on an Alligator farm in Florida, US in 1948.

18. An 8 year old boy named Mark lies on a bed of nails while playing monopoly in London, England in 1976.

19. Guards casually watch as they start the process of garroting a criminal to death at Bilibid Prison in Manila, Philippines in 1901.

20. Alice Elizabeth Doherty with her family in Minnesota, US in 1903. She is the only known person with hypertrichosis lanuginosa born in the United States. For her that mean she grew a massive amount of hair all over her face like it was the top of her head.

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