20 Partying Photos These Celebrities Never Wanted You To See

20 Partying Photos These Celebrities Never Wanted You To See

When it comes to going out and having some drinks on the town, one thing you always need to be cautious about is the dreaded camera, especially now that everyone has smart phones. Basically, if you do something stupid, it’s going to be broadcast absolutely everywhere.

Do you know when people tend to do really stupid things? When they drink copious amounts of alcohol.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I drink, the main buzzkill is knowing that I am spending a solid chunk of change to get that way. What if money is no object? Clearly, as you see these stars chugging Grey Goose like it’s water, you’ll realize that even getting drunk can be easier when you are rich and famous.

One distinct disadvantage is the photographic evidence. I’ve had many drunk photos of myself taken in my life but it’s never appeared on the front page of every news website. In fact, many of the poses that you’re about to see (fallen down, posing with cops, chugging alcohol, eyes closed) you may have done yourself at one point or another.

This list includes pictures of  Brad Pitt, Emma Watson, Paris Hilton (I know, shocking), and even some outside the box candidates like Simon Cowell. Without further ado, here are 20 celebrities who partied a little too hard and unfortunately, had it captured on camera.

20. Avril Lavigne

Via pausecafein.fr

via pausecafein.fr

How do you know that you’re a badass? Well, one thing could be that you’re a musician. I mean, that’s really awesome right? Then you also need to factor in the fact that Avril married Chad Kroeger. Let that sink in. Someone willingly agreed to marry the lead singer of Nickelback, and she probably wasn’t even drunk the entire ceremony.

What if he tried to sing to you…? Perhaps that’s why Avril can be seen chugging back some Grey Goose straight from the bottle. She may not need a straw, but it also appears she has some dropping off her chin. Rookie move, Avril.

19. Emma Watson

Via dailymotion.com

via dailymotion.com

When you think of Emma Watson, the last thing you may think is that she is a party animal. She graduated from an Ivy league school, is set to play Belle in a Disney live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and overall, she seems like a lovely person.

In the following photo, she’s showing off the classic red-cheeked signs of anyone who had at least a few alcoholic beverages in the night. To make matters worse for Watson, she appears to be drinking Corona but it doesn’t have a lime in it?! Are you kidding me? Corona isn’t exactly the best alcohol in the world, but at least put a lime in it. Get it together, Hermione.

18. Kate Middleton

Via lockerdome.com

via lockerdome.com

What happens when you are legitimately a duchess? Well, many things but for all the advantages of being Kate Middleton, one of the disadvantages is having the paparazzi constantly being all up in your business.

She was seen red-flushed and smiling in the backseat of her car alongside her husband, Prince William. The two may be parents now but the photo seems to be from their younger years. William is showing off the classic drunk look of I’m-not-sure-how-to-open-my-eyes, a feeling many of us can relate to far too well.

17. Brad Pitt

bradpitt buzzfeed

via buzzfeed.com

How cool is Brad Pitt? Not only has he been in some of the best films of all time but just look at how he looks when he’s hammered? I mean, he looks like he might not be able to stand straight but that’s still a pretty good looking man. Not to mention that shirt and tie may seem basic, but you can tell that they probably feel amazing. Now to be fair, Pitt’s face is a bit smarmy, but nobody is going to pick a fight with him so I think we can give him a pass.

16. Pamela Anderson

Via historiesdunet.asf.netdna.com

via historiesdunet.asf.netdna.com

Oh, Pamela… The former Baywatch star is no stranger to having some of her more sexually charged moments filmed for people. Clearly, she is still not shy for the camera, sticking out her tongue while this gentleman proceeds to… kiss her…? Smell her…? Maybe, help keep her upright…? Who knows? All very viable options at this point. The fact that the guy seems to be the only topless one at the party just makes for an even more awkward situation.

15. Simon Cowell

Via juicycelebs.com and celebwild.com

via juicycelebs.com and celebwild.com

To be fair, if you had to listen to as many awful singers as Simon did during his run on American Idol, you may want to drink too.

Cowell may be known for his biting attitude, but it’s hard not to imagine wanting a selfie with drunk Cowell, especially when you consider how amazed he seems to be at how his phone looks. The other photo shows off Cowell in his classic black shirt but also has him pitting the age old debate: do I smoke the cigarette first, or drink the rest of my beer? The answer for him appears to be both.

14. Amanda Seyfried

Via juicycelebs.com

via juicycelebs.com

Who can resist the uncontrollable urge to sniff your friend’s hair when you have had just too much to drink? Amanda Seyfried was photographed after having a wee bit too much alcohol, but at least it was for a good reason. The photo was taken after the after-party for the United Kingdom premiere of the movie Mama Mia, which was one of the biggest films in helping establish Seyfried’s career. The film may have been a hit but I’m sure after she saw these photos, she would hope that people can stick to just seeing her on the big screen, where she has more control over her image.

13. Charlie Sheen

Via memegenerator.com

via memegenerator.com

Everyone knows Charlie Sheen is no stranger to substances that are a little bit more extreme than alcohol. While the actual substance Sheen was using is up for debate, there is no doubt that in this following photo he’s in the middle of some form of party session.

Sheen is seen barely being able to keep his eyes open as he leans out of the passenger seat of a car. While this is logically the time when people realize it’s time for sleep, that might have not been the case for Sheen. I’m sure he’s had some unbelievable nights, let’s just hope he can remember them.

12. Jodie Marsh

jodie marsh nu bar essex

via mirror.co.uk

Do you want to find yourself in a drunk tank? If the answer is no, take a look at what Jodie Marsh is doing and don’t do that thing.

Jodie was a reality star from England, who also hosted her own reality show Totally Jodie Marsh (that lasted 9 episodes). In the above photo, she’s clearly taken to alcohol to improve her night and was not afraid to let the world know it. The cop is standing there with a dumbfounded look on his face. I’m sure Jodie thinks she looks super classy and is rocking that ‘model pose’ but I’m just wondering if the next photo would show her taking a nose-dive once she gets to stop using the cop for balance.

11. Rihanna

Via findapik.com and everyjoe.com

via findapik.com and everyjoe.com

Rihanna may be one of the biggest singers in the world but she is also no stranger to the industry, as she started out in 2005. As a result, you can hunt through the internet and find some god awful photos, and that includes the above one.

She is seen wearing an awful one-piece (Bob Marley, though?) bathing suit. Rihanna is also seen holding one of those inflatable pool noodles and a beer. She may not look the best, but have no fear that those inflatable noodles are the bomb! Rihanna may also have outstanding hair in photoshoots, but it’s clearly not at its best as it falls all over her face.

10. Adam Sandler

Via socialite.com

via socialite.com

Oh, Adam Sandler. The man has made some good films but they were so long ago and are buried by so much shit that it really hurts his overall legacy.

One thing that is undeniable is that Sandler has himself quite a bit of money so, of course, he is able to go out and get his drink on if he so chooses. In the above photo, he’s clearly had enough of his shirt and tie (totally get that feeling)  and has that smug look on his face. Maybe he’s thinking of another awful idea that is going to make him a stupid amount of money. Hey Sandler, here’s an idea: be a better actor!

9. Lindsay Lohan

Via mirror.co.uk

via mirror.co.uk

No list of celebrities partying too hardy would be complete without having an appearance of Lindsay Lohan. The troubled actress has been arrested multiple times, several of which have been linked to alcohol related incidences.

In the above photo, she clearly took a tumble when she was trying to walk through some shrubbery. Those heels combined with the fact that she was allegedly wasted makes for a really bad situation, especially when you know that paparazzi is probably going to be right around the corner and ecstatic to take photos of you at your very worst.

8. Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

aisleyne horgan-wallace

via irishmirror.ie

Horgan-Wallace may not have won Big Brother, but is that any reason to hide your face? The reality star appeared on Big Brother in 2006 and continued to try and work on various television projects since her time on the show. She has also guest-starred on different reality shows such as Celebrity Restaurant In Our Living Room.

In the above photo, she’s clearly had enough of walking and bright lights, and has elected to sit down in the middle of a grocery store and cover her head. We all know that point we get to when we just want to power down but, ideally, that doesn’t happen in public. Especially if you never know whose taking photos.

7. George Clooney

Via juicycelebs.com

via juicycelebs.com

George Clooney may be a married man now, but there was a time when he was one of the most eligible single men in Hollywood. The above photo was taken after Clooney was traveling from one bar to another, which is obvious by the fact that Clooney is a wee bit inebriated. Similar to his Ocean’s Eleven co-star, Brad Pitt, Clooney manages to keep a smug look on his face even when fueled by alcohol. Good thing he had his bodyguard right beside him to help keep things level, especially when the paparazzi will show no hesitation in getting in your face when they see a story.

6. Katie Waissel

katie waissel22

via mirror.co.uk

Do you know what is absolutely hilarious when you are drunk? Everything. Kate Waissel is clearly unable to contain herself after she fell to the pavement when out drinking with friends. There are several photos from this night that show her falling, and her friends trying in vain to pick her back up. At least, she appears to be having a good time…? For those unaware, Katie was a singer from the television show X-Factor and while she did not win, she has been active in the music industry since 2010. I wonder if she ever called up Simon for a late night drinking session?

5. Holly Willoughby

Via mirror.co.uk

via mirror.co.uk

You may not recognize the name Holly Willoughby in comparison to some of the people on the list but is there a better looking I’m-too-drunk photo than this one?

Holly is seen passed out, sadly, only an arm’s length away from her chips that she was probably trying to grasp only moments earlier. The empty bottle of Lunazul also helps add an artistic element to the shot, not to mention there is even a knocked over wine glass. Holly is clearly coming from something important, wearing heavy makeup and jewelry. For those curious, Holly is a TV presenter for ITV network. She has been hosting television shows Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Justiceand This Morning, along with other shows.

4. Lady Gaga

Via juicycelebs.com

via juicycelebs.com

Lady Gaga may be able to walk in this photo, unlike many of her counterparts in this list, but there is still no doubt that it is coming after a night of partying.

The photo was shot as Gaga left an unidentified flat in East London at 6 in the morning. It may be freezing out, but clearly whatever Gaga got into, a jacket was far from a necessary choice. Let’s just hope those sunglasses can help block out the sun if she ends up battling a hangover with the rest of her day!

3. Beyoncé

Via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

You can see it all with one look at Jay Z‘s face. He’s tired, had a long night, and makes way too much money to be dealing with this. Beyoncé appears clearly intoxicated as she leans out the window. The subsequent photo taken after shows a passed out Beyoncé, whose clearly not afraid to show all the single ladies just how to party! Perhaps she should be glad that she is not one of the single ladies that she sings about, though, who are we kidding? Drunk or not, she’s one of the most gorgeous woman in the world.

2. Kim Kardashian

Via diply.com

via diply.com

Oh Kim…What are you doing? It’s bad enough that you are wearing a top that is dangerous to be wearing when you have consumed that amount of alcohol. I don’t know who you are trying to impress by drinking Grey Goose straight from the bottle but that face is instantly removing any of your cool points. You may think Kim is bad but, as you’ll see below, she is not the only celebrity that is going to make this list with an affinity for ‘Goosing it’. Okay, that’s not a term…

1. Paris Hilton

Via yasmina.com

via yasmina.com

Wait, wait, what? Paris Hilton likes to party? Are you serious? I had absolutely no idea! Her arrests didn’t give it away. Her personality certainly didn’t give it away.

In the following photo, her biggest talent may be trying to keep the vomit back after she clearly had a late night out. Nothing says classy like one photo of you making out with a seemingly random girl, and then the following photo of you clearly looking like you need some serious assistance to leave the building.



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