20 People, Places, And Things That Defy The Rules Of Logic

1. “Where my girlfriend left her cup of water”


2. “This is how McDonald’s gave me my fries.”


3. “My family is not okay!”



4. “I might have married someone with issues.”


5. “The way my husband treats the butter”


6. “My mom will eat half a banana and leave the other half on the fruit rack.”



7. “My roommate is a monster.”


8. “Nailed it.”


9. “My girlfriend doesn’t close the cabinets all the way. This is a daily reoccurring thing.”



10. “I bought a HomePod for the kitchen. Instead of playing music through the HomePod, my wife uses it as a phone stand while playing music from her phone.”


11. “It gets worse the more you look at it.”


12. “T-shirt hems that fold with no mercy”



13. “Went to visit my cousins. Saw this monstrosity there.”


14. “The amount of cream cheese my friend puts on his bagel…”


15. “This is the way my dad cuts avocados.”



16. “’It’s so convenient to just clean them when you need them.’ – my roommate”


17. “My husband said I should post my alarms here. Isn’t this normal?”


18. “My girlfriend’s headphones”



19. “An Oreo glass that can’t fit an Oreo”



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