20 People Share The Most Wildly Inaccurate Things They Learned In Sex Ed

20 People Share The Most Wildly Inaccurate Things They Learned In Sex Ed

In theory, sex education shouldn’t be that complicated. You give kids some basic 101 on how sex works, how condoms and birth control work, and the importance of consent – and then you send them off on their merry horny way.


In the real world, however, a LOT of sex education is lacking. There is still a large trend of abstinence only sex education, religiously influenced scare tactics, oversight of basic human bodily functions, and of course, the lone star weirdo teachers. This is all not even beginning to touch upon all of the wild misinformation pre-teens and teenagers tell each other about sex.


In a recent Reddit thread people online shared some of the craziest false information they learned in sex ed, and you will feel like a certified gynecologist in comparison. No, really, it’s wild the lies that are being propagated both by and to kids.

Without further foreplay, here are 20 wildly inaccurate things people learned in their formative sex education.

1. The dinosaur clitoris.

2. Abstinence only education is wild.

3. The AIDS scare tactics are real.

4. This is not what the civil rights struggle was about.

5. Boty babies.

6. Coke as birth control.

7. The confusion of cunnilingus.

8. Let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel.

9. The mystical power of a full moon.

10. When you have literally no sex education.

11. The sensitive mechanics of a hand job.

12. Dangerous misinformation about HIV.

13. Hot tubs are the magic birth control.

14. When your boyfriend gets his period.

15. TFW when you have to teach your mom about ovulation.

16. Be careful who you hug.

17. Spermatozoon.

18. Women are like tea cups.

19. Apparently, women are also like shoes.

20. Women also don’t like sex.

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