20 Perfectly Timed Photos –


1. Impeccable timing

2. The guy looks exactly like the woman’s laptop sticker.

3. “My sister took this photo of our coffees just as the table got knocked.”

4. Cat chair

5. A glitch in the matrix or a regular day in portland?

6. How do you like this rainbow? The rays of the sun just went through the water tank.

7. This tree has no leaves except for the area lit by the streetlight.

8. This picture of a crow is interesting because it’s actually a cat!

9. Nobody wanted a Sponge Bob shadow!

10. The way the snow is resting on this handmade stone arch

11. This can of paint looks like a cat.

12. The driver who parked this car is a really lucky person.

13. When your friend has a quest for you

14. A hummingbird in the sun

15. This looks like an iPhone even though it’s just water in the bathtub.

16. This car is not amused.

17. Pizza? No, minerals!

18. A dentist’s car in winter

19. “My girlfriend and I were walking in the woods the other week and saw a rainbow pool for the first time.”

20. Enlightenment on a foggy day

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