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20 Presidents Who Were Alleged Sex Addicts

20 Presidents Who Were Alleged Sex Addicts

It has got to be hard work being President of the United States. After all, everyone is expecting you to clean up the mess of the guy who was President before you. And when you finally start to get a handle on that mess, your term is up, people are fed up with you and your “ineptitude,” and you need to pour loads of money and schmoozing into another campaign. Sounds like a whole lot of work and pressure. Yet people still vie for that top spot as Commander in Chief of the good ol’ U.S. of A.

That being said, many presidencies (if not all of them) are surrounded by some kind of controversy or scandal. The most common of these would have to be sex scandals. Ah yes, the stories of prostitutes, gay lovers, and extramarital affairs never seem to get old for the general public and industry insiders. So here we have our list of 20 Presidents Who Were Alleged Sex Addicts.

While some of these stories may have more validity than others, it is easy to see why so many Presidents have had to deal with accusations and rumors. And whether they are true or not, they are fun to talk about.

20. John F. Kennedy



He is perhaps one of the most famous sexually-interested Presidents of the United States. John F. Kennedy was said to have had a lot of sexual buddies, and among his most famous partners was said to be Marilyn Monroe. He has also been connected to Gene Tierney, Jayne Mansfield, and even friends and family! He seemed to run the gamut of sexual partners, going for the A-listers in Hollywood as well as exotic dancers and strippers, such as Blaze Starr. Other links include JFK and Mary Pinchot Meyer and White House staff members. It was said that many rooms in the nation’s Capital were christened with his sexual activity.

19. Calvin Coolidge



Apparently, former President Calvin Coolidge was not getting enough satisfaction from his wife. Rumor has it that the couple was on a presidential visit during which they went on two different tours. This funny anecdote includes the instances when both Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge passed a chicken coop at different times. Both inquired about the hens and their sexual activities. When they learned that the rooster had sex with a different hen each time, both the President and his wife referred to each other. Hmm…thus the Coolidge effect (the act of being turned on by a new female partner) came into existence.

18. Lyndon B. Johnson



As it turns out, Lyndon B. Johnson has an interesting sexual story. He was unashamed to announce that he was very much well-endowed down there. Yes, the former President was adamant about keeping up his reputation as a guy with a big…Johnson. Maybe it was some sort of inferiority complex compared to John F. Kennedy, but Johnson was not about to sit back and let people live life without the knowledge that he was awesome in bed. Apparently he is quoted as saying that he “had more women by accident than Kennedy had on purpose.” Um. Accidental sex? How does that work?

17. Bill Clinton

shutterstock_Bill Clinton

Duh. We all know about Bill Clinton and his sexual urges. He is perhaps the most well-known case of a Presidential sex addict. And while he may have finally recovered from that political and public snafu, the shadow of it will always be there. In fact, Hillary Clinton has even spoken out about it and said that Bill Clinton’s affinity with sex is related to the abuse bestowed on him by his mother. Whoa, this problem runs deep! In 1999, Hillary said that Bill was abused by his “doozy” of a mother, although she doesn’t say in what respect. Bill’s father was also abusive and addicted to alcohol.

16. James Buchanan



The 15th President of the United States may have passed away long ago, but his story as a sexual horndog continues to live on, thanks to the Internet. Apparently, Buchanan was already going to make headlines. After all, he was an openly gay man, and this was during a time when we weren’t having gay rights rallies and flying rainbow flags all over the place. Buchanan may have never married, but that does not mean that he didn’t have sexual partners. He had lived with Millard Fillmore’s vice president, William Rufus King for a decade. The two of them even earned the nicknames Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy (penned by Andrew Jackson.)

15. Grover Cleveland



It turns out that Grover Cleveland had established a rep on the streets and in the White House for being a straight-up pimp. Call him a lady’s man if you want, but Cleveland was definitely always in the mood for action. He was involved in an intimate fling with Maria Crofts Halpin, a woman much younger than himself. He was actually said to be the father of her illegitimate son, Oscar. His sexual rendezvous was the talk of the town, with political opponents shouting “Mama, where’s my pa, gone to the White House, ha.” Haters gon’ hate; Cleveland still won the election!

14. Franklin D. Roosevelt



Just because the dude was confined to a wheelchair, that does not mean that he didn’t like to have some fun! Franklin D. Roosevelt was involved in a decades-long affair with Lucy Mercer, who was actually Mrs. Roosevelt’s secretary. What? This is just Jerry Springer waiting to happen! And Mercer was not the only “other woman” that Franklin Roosevelt was having fun with. His other probable mistresses included Miss LeHand and Crown Princess Marta of Norway. Perhaps in a form of revenge, Eleanor Roosevelt herself was said to have been involved in extramarital affairs as well! This really was a hot mess.

13. Warren Harding



Unlucky Number Thirteen is Warren Harding, who already had a messed-up Presidency. Opponents wreaked havoc on his term with accusations of corruption, downright crappy capabilities to run a nation, and bribery. On top of that, Harding was said to be having affairs with more than one female in the nation’s capital. His long-term fling was with Carrie Fulton Phillips, who got hooked up with him thanks to Harding’s buddy James Phillips. Harding was also linked to Nan Britton (30 years his junior) and that resulted in an illegitimate child. When Harding died from ptomaine poisoning, it was rumored that his wife Florence was to blame.

12. Thomas Jefferson



He had slaves, so are we really surprised that he probably had mistresses too? Thomas Jefferson may be featured on Mount Rushmore, but his secretive romantic undertakings were nothing to admire. It is said that Jefferson had his eyes on Betsy Walker, who was married to Jefferson’s best friend. When Jefferson served as his country’s ambassador to France, he was a lustful American in Paris and had some fun with Maria Cosway. He also didn’t limit his loving to his slaves, and was said to have bedded Sally Hemings, his mixed-race servant. Clearly, this dude was busy; it’s a wonder he was able to contribute to the Declaration of Independence at all!

11. Andrew Jackson



Andrew Jackson earns a special mention on our list for being the first recorded Prez to have married a bigamist. That’s right, his wife, Rachel, was still technically married when she decided to become Andrew Jackson’s sweetheart. That being said, Rachel was married to a guy who was a total jerk (more so than Andrew Jackson.) Her first hubby was abusive and paranoid. Turns out that she fulfilled his suspicions that she was eyeing other men by going to Jackson! We feel like there is a life lesson in there somewhere, but we’re having trouble putting our finger on it.

10. Ronald Reagan

shutterstock_Ronald Reagan

His Presidency continues to be riddled with praise and accusations. Ronald Reagan was accused of raping a woman, according to Kitty Kelley, who worked as a biographer. The rape was said to have taken place in 1952, during the time when Reagan was on the Screen Actors Guild (serving as its President!) The victim is said to have been Selene Walters, whom Reagan met in a nightclub in Hollywood, of course. To even the playing field, Kelley also said that Reagan’s wife Nancy had engaged in sexual relations with ol’ blue eyes, Frank Sinatra while she was married to Ronald.

9. George H. W. Bush

shutterstock_George H. W. Bush

While his Presidency receives more praise than that of his son, George H.W. Bush was said to have been quite a lover of sexual intercourse. Some have even gone so far as to say he headed a sex ring comprised of pedophiles! What?! Sure, he worked in other secret societies: he was the CIA’s director; he served as Vice President for Ronald Reagan; and some say he even helped to plan out the John Hinckley assassination attempt on Reagan himself. In the 1980s, Bush was accused of running a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring (code name: Operation Brownstone/Brownstar.) How true is this though?

8. George W. Bush

shutterstock_George W. Bush

Like father, like son? It turns out that George Bush was involved in this strange bizarre gay-male-prostitute scandal. It was said that Bush paid $200 per hour for the working guy for two whole years. What? How? Why? Huh? This scandal was surrounded by rumors, blackmailing and lots of gay agendas. Apparently there were multiple gay men in Bush’s Cabinet and within the White House, fueling speculation that the whole scandal thing was true. Add to that the fact that Bush’s own father was previously involved in a sex scandal, and things were not boding well for the younger Bush. Plus, people already thought little of him to begin with!

7. Dwight D. Eisenhower



We like Ike! Apparently, so did the women! Eisenhower’s own personal driver was Kay Summersby, who reportedly had an affair with the former Prez. She herself detailed the account in a book published after Eisenhower passed away. Some have suggested that Kay was making it all up, but another President actually put in a word. Harry Truman said that Eisenhower asked General George Marshall to split from his wife in order to wed Kay. Talk about a love triangle! The majority of biographers and historians say that Eisenhower and Kay Summersby were most definitely in love, even though the details of their personal affairs and actions remains a mystery.

6. Abraham Lincoln

shutterstock_Abraham Lincoln (2)

Many have said that Abraham Lincoln was indeed a gay man. He may have been America’s second gay President (with openly gay James Buchanan being the first, at President #15.) Yet the sexuality of Honest Abe is still widely disputed. The truth is, there is no tell-tale sign. Plus, there were rumors that Mrs. Lincoln was no fun to be around and was “high-strung” and prone to hissy fits. Hm, maybe Abe really did have his own secret affairs with gay lovers. One thing that can’t be disputed: Lincoln was one of the most successful and popular Presidents of the United States.

5. Richard Nixon



As if Richard Nixon needed any more buzz and scandal, he was the subject of another swirling speculation. It was said that he was involved in a gay affair with Charles “Bebe” Rebozo. This was a guy who also had intense connections with crime and dark deeds, so he probably was working double duty on Watergate and Nixon’s sexual desires. Nixon’s Darkest Secrets details the events of the gay affair, which supposed went on for decades. The two reportedly vacationed together and were very touchy-feely. Even though Nixon himself said that gays “have a problem” and “destroyed” the glory of ancient Greece.

4. Woodrow Wilson

shutterstock_Woodrow Wilson

In 1914, Woodrow Wilson reportedly had an affair with an Edith Bolling Galt, who was a widowed woman. Actually, Wilson himself was recently widowed; his first wife Ellen had passed away, leaving him hungry for more. So, mere months after Ellen’s death, Wilson married Edith Bolling Galt. Speculation arose that Wilson was a lying cheating hubby to Ellen and that was why he was so quick to remarry. Some went so far as to say Ellen’s death wasn’t natural at all! Is it true? Was Wilson really a cheater and hungry for sex? We have no way of really knowing the whole truth, but we do know that Presidencies are always filled with drama.

3. George Washington

shutterstock_George Washington

Yes, America’s very first President was said to have had a really close relationship with his female friend, Sally Fairfax, a married woman. In fact, some people say their relationship was too close for comfort. Was George cheating on Mrs. Martha Washington? It is hard to say, since anyone who would have known first-hand is obviously long gone. Yet it seems that when you are in the public eye, there are always going to be accusations and rumors circulating. What we do know is that the time young George said “I cannot tell a lie” never happened. So, what are we to think?

2. James Garfield

shutterstock_James Garfield

Here is a guy who liked to live life on the edge. His reported affair with a married woman was said to have occurred in the fall of 1862. Of course, it happened while he was serving as a general in the Civil War. How else was he to keep those soldiers in line without taking charge and being a “man?” No, really though, it is said that his own wife, Lucretia, found out about Garfield’s extramarital rendezvous and the couple was actually able to work through the drama. Of course, divorce was not so common back then, so for all we know, maybe they secretly despised each other and Garfield had sex with other people to meet his sexual needs.

1. Barack Obama

shutterstock_Barack Obama

We had to put Barack Obama on this list. One: He is the current President of the United States. Two: It just seems mean to keep him off a Presidential list. Three: We’re just having some fun here. The rumor was in 2012 when some insiders let it loose that Barack Obama used to go to gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago back in the day. People have even gone so far as to say that Obama was turned on by “older white guys.” Some of his gay affairs supposedly included his personal assistant, Reggie Love (hah, no pun intended) and some dude from Pakistan. Of course, we’re sure this is a lot of hogwash.


20 Presidents Who Were Alleged Sex Addicts

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