20 Problems Only 90s Kids Dealt With –


1. Trying to play your Game Boy in poor lighting was just impossible.

2. Constantly hoping to the lord that your favorite VHS didn’t get taped over.

3. Putting too much frosting on a Dunkaroo, leaving you with not enough left for the rest of the pack.

4. Girls just getting CLOCKED by these.

5. Having someone walk by and kick the chord out of your N64 was the definition of high treason.

6. Having the fabric start to rip off of your snap bracelet, exposing the plastic within and cutting you up.

7. When some jabroni didn’t rewind the VHS so you had to close your eyes and rewind it so that you didn’t see anything before you were supposed to.

8. Lunches and Recesses could be absolutely destroyed if this happened.

9. Having to get off the damn computer because someone wanted to use the home phone like it was 1850.

10. These fancy erasers were always fun, but they did shit all when it came to actually erasing things.

11. These things smelled amazing but if you tried using one without noticing that the felt tip was damaged, you really f*cked up your piece of paper.

12. When you woke up too early for cartoons and had to sit through a bunch of other stuff until your toons came on.

13. When a DJ would talk over the last bit of a song you were trying to record from the radio.

14. Being distracted for a second and missing the one channel you were trying to check for on the TV listings then having to wait for it to roll around again.

15. This.

16. Stepping on one of these without shoes on.

17. Feeling like a legend trick or treating with one of these only to find out they really don’t hold much candy at all.


19. This is what watching porn was like if you wanted to try and use the wonders of the internet to crank one out.

20. If you wanted to be creative at school, this was pretty much your only option.

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