20 Rare Photos of Celebrities From Their Childhood

1. The Rock in 1976

2. Busy Phillips in 1993 at age 14

3. Natalie Portman on Halloween

4. Madonna at her first communion back in 1967

5. Willow Smith (Will Smith’s daughter) as a little girl

6. Natalie Portman in the 1994 film The Professional

7. Kiernan Shipka on the set of Mad Men

8. Billy Ray Cyrus posted an old Halloween picture of his daughter, Miley Cyrus, and her siblings

9. Lenny Kravitz playing guitar in 1973

10. Marisa Tomei and Lisa Bonet in the late ’80s

11. Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas as little boys during Christmas

12. Camilla Belle in the early ’90s

13. Barack and Michelle Obama with daughters Malia and Sasha

14. Tom Holland, with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts on the set of the 2012 film ‘The Impossible’

15. John Cleese in 1954 at age 15

16. Jacob Soboroff (MSNBC) in the early ’90s

17. Kim Kardashian with Kendall Jenner in 1996

18. America Ferrera in the late ’80s

19. Russell Tovey as a baby in the early ’80s

20. Alicia Keys in the late ’90s

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