20 of the Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers

20 of the Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers

Whether or not you love Star Wars, you will agree that all of the ladies on our list are totally deserving of a spot among the 20 sexiest Star Wars cosplayers. Seriously though, these hot women make us want to re-create the Star Wars films and have them as the stars of the show. Needless to say, they captured a lot of attention when they hit Comic Con and other conventions. If there was ever a way to make geeks and nerds look hot, this would be it!

Here we have depictions of Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Princess Leia, and more. You may think that you have seen costumes and cosplays before, but you need to give these women a looksee. You will find them to be absolutely alluring and worthy of an honorable mention. This gives us all hope that you can still like nerdy things and be drop-dead gorgeous at the same time. Of course, it helps to have a killer body like these women.

Even so, we hope you enjoy taking a break and eyeing these fabulous females. You will never be able to think of Star Wars in the same way again. Maybe you’ll even book your tickets for the next Comic Con!

20. Han Solo – Emily O.


We felt the Asian persuasion when we saw Emily O. dressed as Han Solo at Comic Con in 2012. She makes geeking out look downright sexy. Even though Han Solo is traditionally a male character, we had no trouble shifting our thinking to recreate his ensemble for a female figure. Emily O. looked tough and sexy in her get-up, which included a crisp button-down shirt, tight skinny jeans, thigh-high black leather boots, and a gun with a holster. We would take her over the real Han Solo any day! Bonus points for the prop, the dark wavy hair, and the smoldering eyes.

19. Slave Leia – Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell fulfilled so many fantasies when she dressed up as Princess Leia (in slave form) in Fanboys. We’ve seen so many people pull off the slave Leia costume, but it looks super-sexy on Bell. The skimpy bikini was worn by Princess Leia Organa in Return of the Jedi and makes her look like a teenage boy’s dream in Egyptian allure. The cosplay is not easy to pull off, but Bell is one of those fortunate young women who can do it effortlessly. If there were ever a reason to go over to the Dark Side of geeky fandom, this would be it!

18. Adrianne Curry – Imperial Officer


Some of us might remember Adrianne Curry from her run on America’s Next Top Model, way back in the day when the show was still brand-new. Well, she’s gone on to do more modeling gigs (and marry/divorce Christopher Knight of Brady Bunch fame.) Even though Adrienne has rubbed elbows with the high-fashion world, she still hangs out with the “little people.” She was spotted at Comic Con in summer 2011, where she was dressed as an Imperial Officer from Star Wars. She also engaged in some risky and risqué behavior, and was photographed licking someone else’s boob. Um…well, okay then.

17. Amanda Rose – Padme


Apparently the gorgeous Amanda Rose is a huge Star Wars fan, which gives all of us nerds a bit of hope. She dressed up as Padme and helped to elevate the character to super-star status. Of course with her body, the Padme costume featured a lot of her skin as a center-stage asset. Who can blame her? The girl has a smoking-hot body. Her white top was torn asymmetrically to reveal her toned midsection. She paired the shirt with some skin-tight white pants and accessorized with a gun holster. Finally, she donned some metallic arm bands. Tough and sexy? We’ll take it.

16. Courtney Black – Darth Talon


Now here is a cosplay costume that we could explore a bit further. Courtney Black dressed up as Darth Talon and completely blew everyone away. One of her favorite movies is Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and she paid homage to the film with her stellar cosplay outfit. She had full-coverage body paint in blood red. Black slashes and designs adorned her body and she wore a skimpy outfit to cover her unmentionables. Needless to say, it was most definitely a welcome surprise to the cosplay arena. Courtney Black looks fabulous in whatever she does (or doesn’t) wear. Have you seen her hip hop modeling pictures?

15. Courtney Cruz – Stormtrooper

courtney cruz

The day we learned that there was a Star Wars burlesque show, we were absolutely ecstatic. Another reason to celebrate? Hello! This is the perfect combination of our nerdy tendencies and our other – ahem, unmentionable – needs. The best part of all? Courtney Cruz was featured in it, and she was a mighty fine Stormtrooper. Besides putting her “assets” on full display, she was the picture of perfect burlesque in a Stormtrooper corset and fun props. Thigh-high tights, long white gloves, and a full-headed Stormtrooper mask completed the look. It was geeky but super-hot at the same time. Only Courtney Cruz could pull that off!

14. Bailey Moore – Stormtrooper


Here is another Stormtrooper coming at ya. The ever-beautiful Bailey Moore donned full-body Star Wars body paint, and the effect was magnificent. If you told us that a hot girl could wear a giant Stormtrooper face mask and still look downright sexy, we would have laughed in your face. But just take one look at Bailey’s toned arms and legs, and you will quickly change your mind. She even had a lightsaber in each hand to complete the ensemble. Talk about dedication! Clearly she is not afraid to show her nerdy love for Star Wars. And we couldn’t be happier about that.

13. Lucy Fur – C-3PO


This is a nice new cosplay for us. Lucy Fur was one hot C-3PO; we’re surprised that she didn’t melt all of her “metal” off! Okay, but in all seriousness, she looked really good in this costume. This may be the sexiest C-3PO we have ever seen (and will ever see!) She had everything going, no holding back. First, there was the face mask, complete in shiny gold finish. Then she had a golden metallic bikini top, which perfectly showed off her um, goods. Then she had a fringy skirt that was just long enough to cover her backside. Tall golden boots and long gloves on her toned arms completed the look. Hot? Beyond!

12. Sara Underwood – Padme

Sara Underwood

When we saw Sara Underwood dressed as Padme, there was no turning back. Talk about giving this character some more exposure! Sara showed up in her cosplay and pulled out all the stops. She definitely has the body to show off some serious midsection. Hello, have you seen her abs? Plus, dressed in all white, she was the picture of perfection. Her outfit had just the right amount of mystery, as she opted for a shirt that had one long sleeve and one short. It cut off just under her chest and she wore tight white pants that were accessorized with a matching white gun holster.

11. Heather1337 – Boba Fett


Goodness; can we just say “wow”? If you live in Florida, then you need to know about Heather1337. Well, everyone should know about her, but she does live in Florida, you lucky southern folks. Heather1337 is well-known as a cosplayer, and for good reason. She is a pro at what she does, and she is particularly fond of her Star Wars cosplay costumes. We love her in the Boba Fett costume, which we don’t see all that often. Her long blonde hair, her pale blue eyes, and her booty-liscious bottom all worked together to provide a wonderful canvas to the ensemble. Her Boba Fett get-up included booty shorts, a cut-off white T-shirt, a gun prop, and a heavy-duty helmet.

10. Heather1337 – Ewok


Heather1337 also showed us that an Ewok could be super awesome. This cosplay costume was intriguing because it was sweet and sexy at the same time. Maybe it is her coy smile, but we were definitely turned on. She sports an ensemble that not every girl would be able to pull off, but on her it just looks downright awesome. We want to cuddle and salivate at the same time! Her furry cut-off vest and mini skirt were paired with fuzzy Ewok ears that looked adorable and sexy. Why can’t something like this show up at our doorstep? Come here, Heather-Ewok!

9. Heather1337 – Han Solo


Sorry, but we need just one more example of just how hot Heather1337 truly is. She must be bringing the heat to Florida, because all of her cosplay costumes are to die for. Anyway, she also dressed up as Han Solo and the effect is just what you would expect: undeniably sexy. Don’t get us wrong; Han Solo is a pretty cool character in the movies, but as a female representation, this character gets a huge upgrade. It helps that the cosplayer had a killer body. Her tiny white shirt and vest, paired with her finger-less black leather gloves looked so good. Plus, we absolutely fell in love with the tight jeans that were paired with a black belt and awesome boots.

8. LeeAnna Vamp – Chewbacca


Thanks to LeeAnna Vamp, Chewbacca is going to be your favorite Star Wars character, even if you’ve never even seen the movies. Who is this girl?! She’s a model, obviously, and also does acting and hosting work. When she showed up to the 2011 Comic Con, she showed that she was a diehard nerd, but also downright sexy. Her Chewbacca get-up included a lace-up corset and fuzzy fingerless gloves. Vamp is certainly voluptuous, and her outfit was the talk of the convention, much to the delight of real-deal nerds in attendance. Props to Vamp for braving the Chewbacca look and taking it to an entirely new level.

7. Liz Katz – Chewbacca


Okay, Liz Katz, come and be our little Chewbacca. This cosplay costume was adorable and seriously sexy all at the same time. Where do we even start with this one? Liz showed off her delectable cleavage in a furry lace-up Chewbacca corset, plus she gave us full-view of her awesomely toned midsection. On her head she wore pin-up style Chewbacca ears and a big brown bow. My goodness, can she be our birthday present? Paired with her creamy chestnut-brown hair, she was the cutest Chewbacca we have ever seen, and probably will ever see! Bonus points for the accessorizing, Liz!

6. Lisa – Padme


After Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm, Lisa showed us her excitement by getting us all riled up. Her cosplay costume was perfect for her slim physique. It featured the iconic white of Padme’s traditional garb, but this was turned up a few notches on the sexiness scale. Lisa had the arm bands, the belt, the boots, and everything needed to create a convincing Padme. But she also had the luscious body that showed off totally toned abs, long, lithe arms, and tight thighs that looked fabulous in her skin-tight pants. Plus, she went that extra mile and added ‘dirt’ to the costume to make it look like she had just gotten into a scuffle.

5. SithVixen – Fem Trooper


We had no trouble seeing that this was a Fem Trooper. SithVixen absolutely blew us away with her ensemble, which was a wonderful counterpart to Darth Vader. First of all, SithVixen has a body that would make the sexiest burlesque dancers jealous. She had no problem showing that body off with her cut-off top, which was perfectly molded to her well-endowed chest. She also had her lower half contoured to the Stormtrooper uniform, and it even looked like it had action-figure detail. It was totally convincing. We loved the feminine touch she added to the boots by adding a high heel. And finally, her Stormtrooper helmet was superb.

4. Christy Marie – Slave Leia


Christy Marie left nothing to the imagination and showed full commitment to her cosplay ensemble as Slave Leia Organa. First of all, her outfit was spot-on: the bikini top had the same snake-like designs and was a hunter green color that went very well with Christy Marie’s auburn hair. She had a long braid that was gathered in a metallic clasp and she wore a chain of bondage around her neck, too. Cuffs on her wrist and the perfect bikini bottoms showed off her long, lean legs and had her sitting in a position that was both sexy and sultry. She looked just as though she were playing the part of the real Slave Leia!

3. Emily Rose Morrison – Mara Jade


They really don’t come any hotter than Emily Rose Morrison. Emii is a nerd’s dream come true. This hot actress, singer and model is also a huge Star Wars fan and pulls off the character of Mara Jade Skywalker with ease. Her perfect body and fiery hair perfect her portrayal of the Jedi and fans really can’t ask for more. The best part? She can also fight like a Jedi, with an extensive background in martial arts! This is one hot cosplayer you do not want to mess with.

2. Olivia Munn – Slave Leia


Olivia Munn, you are built to pleased and pleased to tease. Really though, she had us going with her depiction of Slave Leia Organa. We really loved her bikini top, which was designed to scoop and slither down her chest, ending in a deep neckline that showed off her assets. She also had a beautiful armored bikini bottom that was paired with a long flowing scarlet cloth, just like in the movie. It flitted over her strong, sultry legs and looked like a dream! Her hair was shiny and braided down her back. She looked so commanding and dominant, even though she was technically a slave girl!

1. Kelly Brook – Slave Leia


And now, our number-one spot belongs to … Kelly Brook! Yes, she also portrayed Slave Leia Organa, but it was the best one, in our opinion. Where to start? Well, she is definitely a girl with some feminine assets, and that was fully apparent in her cosplay costume. Her bathing suit was a bit different from the usual styles, and was more of a one-piece number that showed off her toned sides and obliques. The neckline was as low as could be and she had a neck collar that represented her chain. Her arms were greatly adorned with cuffs and baubles, and she had her hair tied up in a gorgeous updo. 10 out of 10!




20 of the Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers

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