20 Simple Yet Evil Pranks To Pull On Your Friends And Coworkers

#1. Place a clear piece of tape over mouse sensor. Post-it note works too. Unplug the mouse.

#2. Add a new folder named “Horse Porn” on your friend’s desktop. Screenshot the desktop with the newly added folder. Use the screenshot as desktop background. Hide all desktop icons.

#3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow to tilt screen upside down. Try left and right arrow keys too.

#4. Unlock the taskbar and move it to the top, left or right side of the screen. Make sure auto-hide taskbar is on.

Taskbar at the top


#5. Insert a small piece of paper into keyboard or mouse USB port.


#6. Post a Craigslist ad with your friend’s number/address. Example: Send me your sexy pic and I will send you mine.

#7. Cover the top of ceiling fan with glitter. Try also: ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com.


#8. Rearrange drawers.

#9. Leave a post-it note on someone’s desk that says “See me immediately!” with a hard-to-recognize signature.

#10. Put clear nail polish around a bar of soap.

#11. Duct tape harmonica or whistle under the car. The more the better. Or get an exhaust whistle.


#12. Put a piece of paper at the windshield that says, “Sorry for hitting your car”.


#13. Print a voice activated notice beside your office printer. Check out the full list of fake notices here.

Canon voiceover
swampgum / Reddit

#14. Save your phone number as “Mom” on your friend’s phone. Text whatever you want!

#15. Tell your friend that you’ve messed up the contacts in his/her phone. You actually didn’t do anything.

#16. Switch the “m” and “n” keys on the keyboard. “.” and “,” are great too.

#17. Sneak into someone’s room, use his/her phone to take a picture then leave.

#18. Download nCage, a Chrome web extension that will replace image of all web pages to Nicolas Cage.


#19. Hand someone a folded paper that just says “lol” inside. Remember to glance around when handing the paper.

#20. Stand beside your your coworker or friend’s desk and pretend to set up a prank. Insist that you did nothing with an innocent look. Reverse psychology.



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