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20 Steamiest Photos Of K-Pop Singers You’ll Ever See

20 Steamiest Photos Of K-Pop Singers You’ll Ever See

An entire genre of music that is largely ignored by many North Americans because it is performed in a language that most of them do not understand, K-Pop music is a sensation elsewhere. Denoted by “a wide variety of audiovisual elements” and “experimentations with different styles of music and integration of foreign musical elements,” even that description sounds cool. A genre that heavily relies on image more than many other styles of music, it should come as no surprise then that many of its stars are very attractive people. That is why it is a real shame that many people that enjoy being able to appreciate beautiful women are unaware that many of these stars exist or are even oblivious of just how hot they are. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of K-Pop singers you’ll ever see.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female singers from the K-Pop music scene can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with that music will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. For the purposes of this list, we are counting anyone that released at least one hit song no matter if it was released by a major studio or not. It also doesn’t matter if the tune was a big hit on its original release or has become a cult hit since. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20. Bae Woo-hee

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A member of the K-Pop girl group Dal Shabet, Bae Woo-hee first came to prominence as a part of the music scene back in 2012. Also popular enough to be tapped to appear on six separate shows in South Korea as well as a movie, it is safe to say that she is a multi-medium star in her homeland. A beautiful young woman that was photographed for a Korean Maxim magazine shoot with one of her fellow Dal Shabet members, that shoot resulted in a number of alluring pictures. Also photographed at the time in some solo images, this is one such shot, and we have to say that we find ourselves smitten with her while appreciating an image like this with her midriff on display.

19. Park Subin


In the previous entry, we touched on a Maxim shoot that Bae Woo-hee took part in alongside one of her fellow Dal Shabet members. Here, we have another image from it, this time featuring Park Subin. Also a solo artist in her own right, she laid the groundwork for that move by helping to produce a Del Shabet album which must have been an invaluable experience for her. Extremely talented at what she does, it sometimes seems like she has the Midas touch and everything she is a part of turns to gold. Of course, we know that isn’t true but it seems like it when looking at an amazing shot of her like this one where her curves are on display in a tight dress and the image is mind-blowingly hot.

18. Krystal Jung


The first person on this list that is not a member of Dal Shabet, that doesn’t mean that Krystal Jung is not a member of a girl group as she became a star as part of the K-Pop act f(x). An interesting name for a gathering of talented and beautiful young singers, clearly, their unusual name did not hold them back as they have released four separate albums since they formed in 2009. Also an actress that made a name for herself on TV and in films, Krystal’s fans are fortunate as she seems to consistently pop up in several mediums every year. Shot from the side here, we love that as it allows her to peer at the camera in a manner that makes it feel like she just noticed us checking her out but she doesn’t feel alarmed in the least, which is great.

17. Soyou


Starting out her singing career as a member of a K-Pop girl group, Soyou and three other women made up a popular foursome of performers that released a large amount of notable music. Breaking up after seven years as a team in May of the year this article was written, it left Sistar’s most devout fans devastated but they could take some solace in their potential solo projects. For instance, even prior to the group’s end, this singer had released a number of duets with outside performers over the years. Pictured here in an image that really allows the viewer to mentally chart the rise and fall of her chest and booty, we also get to check out her legs and midriff too, which are incredible.

16. Bae Suzy


When the K-Pop girl group Miss A first hit the scene, they turned a lot of heads due to the incredible looks of its members and their sound, which makes their name and stands for Miss Asia, totally work. One of the members of the group, for us, Bae Suzy stands out among them which is really saying something since they are so incredible, considering their success. Also a solo artist that released an album called “Yes? No?”, we know that our instinct when it comes to her would be to agree to her wishes more often than not. Arguably the focus of the seemingly most innocent shot on this list, this image feels that way at first glance. But once you focus in on the perspective it gives of her ample bosom, it simply is stunning.

15. Yoon Bo-ra


The second member of Sistar to make it to this list, in both cases, we included an image of the performer taking part in a stage show which makes us appreciate how alluring their concerts were. A K-pop star to be sure, Yoon Boo-ra has also found a great deal of success in the acting world too, including being a TV mainstay as a host, series regular, and full-fledged cast member of different shows. Clearly a very talented young woman, it is impressive to realize that Bora, as she is sometimes called, is only twenty-seven years old but has done so much. Wearing a top in this image that is tight enough to provide a great idea of what she is working with, we also get to check out her legs and rear end from this vantage point and enjoy all of it.

14. Uji


A member of the K-Pop girl group Bestie, it seems like a fitting name as they are one of the best acts in the genre when it comes to the looks department. That may seem dishonest since they did not take the top spot on this list and only one of their members showed up here, but that only points to how exquisite those that perform in this genre truly are. Someone that seems to be a total natural whenever we see her sing, she looks like she is totally committed to entertaining those around her with her voice, magnetism, and presence on stage. Wearing a pair of short shorts here, colorful red hair, and a top that exposes her midriff while also being tight enough to show off her chest, it is a fantastic look for her.

13. Kim Seol-hyun

via iPhone6papers

A member of the K-Pop girl group AOA, there have been eight members of the act since it debuted, which has led to them having to learn what it means to share the spotlight if they want to stick around. Still a member to this day, Kim Seol-hyun clearly has what it takes to get along with several other young women that likely also want to get their fair share of the world’s attention and a whole lot more. That may be a hard feat for some, but when it comes to this performer, it must be a lot easier since she looks good enough that we’re hard-pressed to look away from her. An image that drives that point home, this shot of her is incredible since it all works, from her clothing choices, the expression on her face, the way she posed her body, and most importantly, how fit her figure is.

12. G.NA


When it comes to this music genre that is mostly based in South Korea, it shouldn’t be surprising that most of its stars were born and raised in that country. An exception to that rule, G.NA, as she is known, actually is a Canadian singer that has found her musical home in a genre that is best received far from her homeland. A solo star from the start of her career, that is surely a rarity on this list as it is heavy with women that have found success as a member of a girl group at least for an extended period of time. Standing beside a surfboard in this shot, she is wearing a wet suit which makes her seem ready to hit the waves but also serves to make this image very alluring due to the way it accentuates her body.

11. Minhee


A member of the girl group Stellar, which has been around in one form or another since 2011, the act has seen a number of young women come and go since it first came into existence. As such, that means that current members like Minhee, the person you see here, need to have staying power if they want their career to be enriched by being a member. One of the longest-standing parts of the act, she entered the fray in 2012 and remains an important part of Stellar alongside one other person from that time that is still a member today. Pictured on stage here, this image puts her front and center and allows us to check out the way she moves her body and how it provides a view of her that shows her curves in all of their glory.

10. Gain


A member of the K-pop group Brown Eyed Girls, we have no idea what the significance of their name is and sincerely hope that it’s supposed to be taken as a reference to the color of the member’s eyes. Around since 2008, the act is made up of four women, and it seems largely clear that Gain is the most prominent of all of them which means a lot. Photographed while seemingly lying in bed here, that alone is wonderful as it is one of the most intimate places in a person’s life and to envision seeing her in such an exposed state tantalizes. Of course, that is to say nothing of the fact that it seems like she is in the buff under the cover which only serves to up the ante further.

9. Kwon Yu-ri

via Tumblr

A genre that has seen a number of acts rise above most and become stars, years after K-Pop became a big deal, it seems like one girl group still stands head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, Girls’ Generation has been so huge that they’ve found more international success than their peers, and their album sales blow many other popular acts away. Represented here by Kwon Yu-ri, she also is a marvel in the acting world as she has had a lead role in four shows at the time of this writing and also has been cast in a number of films too. Seen here looking like she is prepped to take part in an athletic event, all of her clothes seem to be a little bit smaller than is the norm which means that we get to see more of her, and we always enjoy that.

8. Nana


You’re reading this article, so it seems abundantly clear that, at the very least, you have a passing interest in the K-Pop scene or enjoy seeing images of beautiful women. No matter which one of those is the case, we highly suggest that after you finish reading more of the content at TheRichest, that you Google beautiful K-Pop stars. If you do so, there is one person that is very likely to show up almost instantly, Nana. If you are like us and have always associated that word with a kindly old family member, that may be off-putting but you don’t have to worry too much. We say that because we believe that looking at a shot of the singer like this one will cure you of that feeling very quickly as you are overcome by attraction to her come-hither eyes here.

7. Eunsol


The final photo on this list that features a K-Pop star in the midst of performing on stage, it is far from the first which shows how enticing the stage shows this music genre tends to have are. In this case, we have a shot of Eunsol, one of the four women that currently make up the group Bambino, which has been around since 2015. Not exactly the most experienced act to be represented on this list, Eunsol and her cohorts make up for that will youthful exuberance and overwhelming beauty. Seen here in a shot that features her with her chest and derriere in perfect position for viewers to fully admire them, we’re impressed and pleased that she can pop both of them out at the same time.

6. Hyolyn


The final member of Sistar to make it to this list, Hyolyn makes it three out of four parts of the girl group that made the cut here. Reigning supreme in our ranking when it comes to the women that her career will forever be linked to as they started out their time in the spotlight together, the competition between them was fierce. Nominated for several awards since 2012, including as an actress and singer, reflecting on that makes it seem like she can do no wrong, probably for a pretty good reason. Wearing what appears to be a corset in this image, it works to perfection for her as it aids her impressive cleavage plus they are a piece of clothing that seem inherently intimate to us so we love seeing her in one.

5. Park Ji-yeon


A member of the K-Pop girl group T-ara, Park Ji-yeon is one of four people that currently can make such a claim while a further six people have been able to say that in the past. We’re not sure what has led to such a high rate of turnover for this act but we can say that we are pleased that this splendid-looking woman has continued to stick around. After all, we think it would be a real shame if she largely disappeared from the public eye as we’d miss out on bewitching images of her like this one. Sitting in such a fashion here that it really accentuates the grandiose size of her rear end, that alone is enough to earn a spot on this list but the beauty of the rest of her made this shot appear near the top.

4. Ah Young


The third member of Dal Shabet to make it to this list, the group is made up of four people so that is proof positive of how stunning they are. On top of that, the fourth part of their act barely missed out on appearing here and her exclusion is in no way a reflection on her beauty. Instead, it is a commentary on the insane level of beauty those that appear on this list possess. Case in point, here we have a picture of Ah Young, a very talented entertainer that seems like she easily could have made a living as a model had singing not worked out for her. Wearing clothes in this image that are incredibly tight to her body, it allows us to appreciate her body even more than usual as a result.

3. Goo Hara

Looking at the career of Goo Hara, it seems like she has tried her hand at many of the biggest things in the entertainment industry. An actor in several TV dramas, she has also provided her voice to animated fare in the past as well as making several appearances in “reality” shows, including one based entirely around her personal life. Of course, that is to say nothing of her music career, including a lengthy stint as a part of the K-Pop girl group Kara which broke up in 2016, much to the dismay of their many fans. Seen here in a picture that was taken for publication in an international Cosmopolitan magazine edition, it shows her completely topless. While we can’t see anything scandalous due to her hair and positioning, viewing her without clothes above the waist is a dream come true for her many fans, including us.

2. Jun Hyo-seong


Over the years, singing stars have come to prominence in a number of ways, including radio play, internet fame, music video success, and many more career tracks. Another phenomenon that has taken hold over the last few decades has been making a career for yourself after appearing as one of the competitors in shows like American IdolThe X Factor, or several others. Someone that chose that option, Jun Hyo-seong competed on a show called Battle Shinhwa that was similar and landed a recording contract as a result. Seen here in what amounts to lingerie and a shirt as far as her body goes, we love the look at her stomach but the highlight of this image for us has to be the chance to see her incredible chest in a bra.

1. Yura


When putting together this list, we quickly realized that there was an amazing amount of content that we could have included here. A genre of music that is known for its emphasis on entertainment, that applies to all facets of the presentation, including encouraging its female stars to show off what they are working with. That is why we knew that it would take a marvelous image to land the top spot on this list right up until we saw this shot of Girl’s Day Yuri and knew that our search was over. Showing her in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination, we adore that you can see her belly button through the see-through part. On top of that, her legs look incredible, and her curves in this shot are pure fantasy fodder.

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