20 Teachers Who Are Actually Making School Bearable

1. The teachers with a strong selfie game.

2. The teacher who asks the important questions.

3. Teachers need to make money somehow.

4. Who knew that physics class didn’t have to be a miserable pit of despair?

5. You can’t say that he isn’t consistent.

6. Just being honest…

7. This is a surefire way to become everyone’s favorite teacher!

8. One student learned an important lesson today.

9. Any science teacher that is willing to light something on fire.

None animated GIF

10. Better luck next time, kid!

11. Remember to keep your social media accounts private! You never know who is reading them.

12. Never forget.

13. I’ll bet that Ryan’s dad is happy that his efforts were FINALLY recognized!

14. I love a teach who appreciates a good pun.

15. Test-taking in the digital age, I guess.

16. How do you respond to a student’s doodle? With a drawing of your own, of course!

17. Or with bonus points. That certainly works too!

18. Come on, dude. This is exactly why you should get a good night’s sleep!

19. They may have limitations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

20. Here’s a free lesson for everyone about to go back to school: Teachers always get the last laugh. Always.


20 Teachers Who Are Actually Making School Bearable

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